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CIE 252:2024 Assessment of Discomfort Glare from Daylight in Buildings
ISO/CIE 11664-5:2024 (E) Colorimetry – Part 5: CIE 1976 L*u*v* colour space and u', v' uniform chromaticity scale diagram
ISO/CIE 11664-5:2024 (FR) Colorimétrie — Partie 5: Espace chromatique L*u*v* et diagramme de chromaticité uniforme u’, v’ CIE 1976
ISO/CIE DIS 28077(E):2024 Photocarcinogenesis action spectrum (non-melanoma skin cancers)
CIE 243:2021 (CN) 道路照明和车辆照明中的不 舒适眩光
CIE 243:2021(ES) Deslumbramiento molesto en la iluminación de carreteras y vehículos
CIE 251:2023 LED Reference Spectrum for Photometer Calibration
CIE DIS 017-SP2:2023 ILV: International Lighting Vocabulary –Supplement 2: Terms and Definitions for Horticultural Lighting
CIE TN 014:2023 Example Luminance Measurement Setup for UGR
CIE TN 015:2023 Second International Workshop on Circadian and Neurophysiological Photoreception
CIE x050:2023 Proceedings of the 30th Session of the CIE, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 15 - 23, 2023
ISO/CIE 11664-5:2023 Colorimetry — Part 5: CIE 1976 L*u*v* colour space and u’, v’ uniform chromaticity scale diagram
ISO/CIE 23539:2023 Photometry — The CIE system of physical photometry
ISO/CIE DIS 23603.2(E):2023 Standard method of assessing the spectral quality of daylight simulators for visual appraisal and measurement of colour
ISO/CIE DIS 8995-1:2023 Light and lighting — Lighting of work places —Part 1: Indoor
ISO/CIE TR.3092.2023 Light and lighting — Energy performance of lighting in buildings — Explanation and justification of ISO/CIE 20086
CIE x049:2022 Proceedings of the CIE symposium on the advances in measurement of temporal light modulation, October 11, 2022, Athens, Greece
ISO/CIE TR 21783:2022(E) Light and lighting — Integrative lighting — Non-visual effects
CIE 248:2022 The CIE 2016 Colour Appearance Model for Colour Management Systems: CIECAM16
CIE TN 013:2022 Terms related to Planckian radiation temperature for light sources
ISO/CIE DIS 23539:2021 Photometry – The CIE system of physical photometry
CIE 249:2022 Visual Aspects of Time-Modulated Lighting Systems
CIE 250:2022 Spectroradiometric measurement of optical radiation sources
ISO/CIE 11664-2:2022(E) Colorimetry — Part 2: CIE Standard Illuminants
ISO/CIE 11664-6:2022(E) Colorimetry-Part 6: CIEDE2000 Colour-Difference Formula
CIE DIS 027:2021 Photometry of road illumination devices, light signalling devices and retroreflective devices for road vehicles.
CIE x048:2021 Proceedings of the Conference CIE 2021, September 27–29, 2021, hosted by the CIE National Committee (NC) Malaysia online
CIE 247:2021 Guide for the Gonioradiometric Measurement of Upper Air Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Luminaires
CIE 246:2021 Colour Gamuts for Output Media
CIE 245:2021 Optical Safety of Infrared Eye Trackers Applied for Extended Durations
CIE 244:2021 Characterization of Imaging Luminance Measurement Devices (ILMDs)
CIE TN 012:2021 Guidance on the Measurement of Temporal Light Modulation of Light Sources and Lighting Systems
CIE 243:2021 Discomfort Glare in Road Lighting and Vehicle Lighting
CIE 242:2020 Photometry of Curved and Flexible OLED and LED Sources
CIE x047:2020 Collection of papers accepted for the 5th CIE Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance, April 21–22, 2020, Hong Kong, CN
CIE S 017/E:2020 ILV: International Lighting Vocabulary, 2nd Edition
CIE TN 011:2020 What to document and report in studies of ipRGC-influenced responses to light
CIE 240:2020 Enhancement of Images for Colour-Deficient Observers
CIE 239:2020 Goniospectroradiometry of Optical Radiation Sources
CIE 238:2020 Characterization of AC-Driven LEDs for SSL Applications
CIE 237:2020 Non-Linearity of Optical Detector Systems
Position Statement on the Use of Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation to Manage the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission
CIE 241:2020 Recommended Reference Solar Spectra for Industrial Applications
CIE 236:2019 Lighting for Pedestrians: A Summary of Empirical Data
CIE TN 010:2019 Determination of the Optical Beam Axis, Centre Beam Intensity, and Beam Angle of Directional Light Sources
CIE S 025-SP1/E:2019 Test Method for OLED Luminaires and OLED Light Sources
CIE 235:2019 Optical Measurement of LED Modules and Light Engines
CIE 234:2019 A Guide to Urban Lighting Masterplanning
CIE 234:2019 (CN) 城市照明总体规划指南
CIE 234:2019 (ES) Guía para un plan director de iluminación urbana
CIE TN 009:2019 The Use of “Accuracy” and Related Terms in the Specifications of Testing and Measurement Equipment
ISO/CIE 11664-1:2019(E) Colorimetry — Part 1: CIE standard colorimetric observers
ISO/CIE 11664-1:2019(F) Colorimétrie — Partie 1: Observateurs CIE de référence pour la colorimétrie
ISO/CIE 11664-3:2019(F) Colorimétrie — Partie 3: Composantes trichromatiques CIE
ISO/CIE 11664-4:2019(E) Colorimetry — Part 4: CIE 1976 L*a*b* colour space
ISO/CIE 11664-4:2019(F) Colorimétrie — Partie 4: Espace chromatique L*a*b* CIE 1976
CIE x046:2019 Proceedings of the 29th Session of the CIE
CIE 233:2019 Calibration, Characterization and Use of Array Spectroradiometers
CIE 232-2019(DE) Psychologische Blendung von Leuchten mit inhomogener Leuchtdichtestruktur der Lichtaustrittsfläche (inkl. Korrektur 1)
CIE 232:2019 Discomfort Caused by Glare from Luminaires with a Non-Uniform Source Luminance
CIE 231:2019 CIE Classification System of Illuminance and Luminance Meters
ISO/CIE 17166:2019(E) Erythema reference action spectrum and standard erythema dose
CIE 018:2019 The Basis of Physical Photometry, 3rd Edition
CIE 083:2019 Guide for the Lighting of Sports Events for Colour Television and Film Systems, 3rd Edition
ISO/CIE 8995-3:2018(E) Lighting of Work Places – Part 3: Lighting Requirements for Safety and Security of Outdoor Work Places
ISO/CIE TS 22012:2019(E) Light and Lighting — Maintenance Factor Determination — Way of Working
CIE 140:2019 Road Lighting Calculations, 2nd Edition
CIE 230:2019 Validity of Formulae for Predicting Small Colour Differences
Position Statement on the Blue Light Hazard (April 23, 2019)
Position Statement on Non-Visual Effects of Light - Recommending Proper Light at the Proper Time, 2nd edition (October 3, 2019)
ISO/CIE 11664-3:2019(E) Colorimetry — Part 3: CIE tristimulus values
ISO/CIE 20086:2019(E) Light and Lighting — Energy Performance of Lighting in Buildings
CIE S 026/E:2018 CIE System for Metrology of Optical Radiation for ipRGC-Influenced Responses to Light
CIE S 026:2018 (CN) 内在光敏视网膜神经节细胞受光响应的光辐射计量系统
CIE 015:2018 Colorimetry, 4th Edition
CIE 198-SP2:2018 Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry Supplement 2: Spectral measurements and derivative quantities
CIE 229:2018 Groundwork for Measurement of Effective Intensity of Flashing Lights
CIE x045:2018 Proceedings of CIE 2018 ”Topical Conference on Smart Lighting” 26 – 27 April 2018, Taipei, Chinese Taipei
CIE 228:2018 Grey-Scale Calculation for Self-Luminous Devices
CIE x044:2017 Proceedings of the Conference at the CIE Midterm Meeting 2017 23 – 25 October 2017, Jeju, Republic of Korea
CIE 150:2017 Guide on the Limitation of the Effects of Obtrusive Light from Outdoor Lighting Installations, 2nd Edition
CIE 227:2017 Lighting for Older People and People with Visual Impairment in Buildings
CIE 227:2017(CN) 适合老年人与视觉障碍人群的建筑光环境
CIE 227:2017(ES) Iluminación para personas mayores y personas con baja visión
CIE 226:2017 High-Speed Testing Methods for LEDs
CIE 225:2017 Optical Measurement of High-Power LEDs
CIE TN 008:2017 Final Report CIE Stakeholder Workshop for Temporal Light Modulation Standards for Lighting Systems
CIE TN 007:2017 Interim Recommendation for Practical Application of the CIE System for Mesopic Photometry in Outdoor Lighting
CIE 224:2017 Colour Fidelity Index for accurate scientific use
CIE 223:2017 Multispectral Image Formats
CIE 222:2017 Decision Scheme for Lighting Controls in Non-Residential Buildings
CIE 221:2016 Infrared Cataract
CIE x043:2016 Proceedings of the 4th CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance, 6 - 7 September, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic
CIE 220:2016 Characterization and Calibration Methods of UV Radiometers
CIE 219:2016 Maintaining Summer Levels of 25(OH)D during Winter by Minimal Exposure to Sunbeds: Requirements and Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages
CIE TN 006:2016 Visual Aspects of Time-Modulated Lighting Systems – Definitions and Measurement Models
CIE 218:2016 Research Roadmap for Healthful Interior Lighting Applications
CIE TN 005:2016 Specifying Product Performance for Mesopic Applications
CIE TN 004:2016 The Use of Terms and Units in Photometry – Implementation of the CIE System for Mesopic Photometry
CIE x042:2016 Proceedings of CIE 2016 Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency, March 2016, Melbourne, Australia
CIE 217:2016 Recommended Method for Evaluating the Performance of Colour-Difference Formulae
CIE x041:2016 Proceedings of CIE Expert Symposium on the CIE S 025 LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules Test Standard, November 2015, Braunschweig, Germany
ISO/CIE 11664-5:2016(E) Colorimetry — Part 5: CIE 1976 L*u*v* Colour Space and u', v' Uniform Chromaticity Scale Diagram
ISO/CIE 28077:2016(E) Photocarcinogenesis action spectrum (non-melanoma skin cancers)
CIE 170-2:2015 Fundamental Chromaticity Diagram with Physiological Axes – Part 2: Spectral Luminous Efficiency Functions and Chromaticity Diagrams
CIE 216:2015 Proceedings of the 28th Session of the CIE, 28 June – 4 July 2015, Manchester, United Kingdom
CIE TN 003:2015 Report on the First International Workshop on Circadian and Neurophysiological Photometry, 2013
Position Statement on CRI and Colour Quality Metrics (October 15, 2015)
CIE S 025/E:2015 Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules
CIE 215:2014 CIE Standard General Sky Guide
CIE 214:2014 Effect of Instrumental Bandpass Function and Measurement Interval on Spectral Quantities
CIE TN 002:2014 Relating Photochemical and Photobiological Quantities to Photometric Quantities
CIE x040:2014 Proceedings of CIE Expert Symposium on Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry and Radiometry for Industry, September 2014, Vienna, Austria
CIE 213:2014 Guide to Protocols for Describing Lighting
CIE 212:2014 Guidance towards Best Practice in Psychophysical Procedures Used when Measuring Relative Spatial Brightness
CIE TN 001:2014 Chromaticity Difference Specification for Light Sources
CIE 211:2014 Colour Appearance in Peripheral Vision
CIE 210:2014 Photometry Using V(λ)-Corrected Detectors as Reference and Transfer Standards
CIE 209:2014 Rationalizing Nomenclature for UV Doses and Effects on Humans
CIE 208:2014 Effect of Stimulus Size on Colour Appearance
CIE 207:2014 Sensitivity of Human Skin to Ultraviolet Radiation, Expressed as Minimal Erythema Dose (MED)
CIE 206:2014 The Effect of Spectral Power Distribution on Lighting for Urban and Pedestrian Areas
CIE S 014-6:2013 Colorimetry - Part 6: CIEDE2000 Colour-Difference Formula
CIE x039:2014 Proceedings of CIE 2014 Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency, April 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ISO/CIE 11664-6:2014(E) Colorimetry-Part 6: CIEDE2000 Colour-Difference Formula
ISO/CIE 19476:2014(E) Characterization of the Performance of Illuminance Meters and Luminance Meters
CIE 205:2013 Review of Lighting Quality Measures for Interior Lighting with LED Lighting Systems
CIE 204:2013 Methods for Re-defining CIE D Illuminants
CIE DIS 024:2013 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and LED Assemblies - Terms and Definitions
CIE x038:2013 (incl. Addendum) Proceedings of the CIE Centenary Conference "Towards a New Century of Light", 15-16 April 2013, Paris, France
CIE 203:2012 (incl. Erratum) A Computerized Approach to Transmission and Absorption Characteristics of the Human Eye
CIE 173:2012 Tubular daylight guidance systems (including erratum 1)
CIE x037:2012 Proceedings of CIE 2012 Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency, September 2012, Hangzhou, China
CIE 202:2011 Spectral Responsivity Measurement of Detectors, Radiometers and Photometers
CIE 201:2011 Recommendations on Minimum Levels of Solar UV Exposure
CIE 200:2011 CIE Supplementary System of Photometry
CIE 199:2011 Methods for Evaluating Colour Differences in Images
CIE 198:2011 Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry
CIE 196:2011 CIE Guide to Increasing Accessibility in Light and Lighting
CIE 195:2011 Specification of Colour Appearance for Reflective Media and Self-Luminous Display Comparisons
CIE 194:2011 On Site Measurement of the Photometric Properties of Road and Tunnel Lighting
CIE 197:2011 Proceedings of the 27th Session of the CIE, 9-16 July 2011, Sun City, South Africa
CIE 198-SP1.(1-4):2011 Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Photometry - Supplement 1: Modules and Examples for the Determination of Measurement Uncertainties (4 Parts)
CIE S 014-3:2011 Colorimetry - Part 3: CIE Tristimulus Values
CIE S 017/E:2011 International Lighting Vocabulary
CIE S 021/E:2011 Vehicle Headlighting Systems Photometric Performance - Method of Assessment
CIE 193:2010 Emergency Lighting in Road Tunnels
CIE 192:2010 Practical Daylight Sources for Colorimetry
CIE x036:2010 Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium on Spectral and Imaging Methods for Photometry and Radiometry, 30-31 August 2010, Bern, Switzerland
CIE 191:2010 Recommended System for Mesopic Photometry based on Visual Performance
CIE 190:2010 Calculation and Presentation of United Glare Rating Tables for Indoor Lighting Luminaires
CIE 115:2010 Lighting of roads for motor and pedestrian traffic, 2nd Edition
CIE 189:2010 Calculation of tunnel lighting quality criteria
CIE 188:2010 Performance assessment method for vehicle headlighting systems
CIE x035:2010 Proceedings of CIE 2010 Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency, March 2010, Vienna, Austria
CIE 187:2010 UV-C photocarcinogenesis risks from germicidal lamps
CIE 187:2010 (RU) Опасность фотоканцерогенеза при воздействии УФ-С излучения бактерицидных ламп
CIE 186:2010 UV-A protection and sunscreens
CIE 162:2010 (including Erratum 1) Chromatic Adaptation under Mixed Illumination Condition when Comparing Softcopy and Hardcopy Images
CIE 162:2010 Chromatic Adaption under Mixed Illumination Condition when Comparing Softcopy and Hardcopy
CIE x034:2010 Selected Papers of the Light and Lighting Conference with Special Emphasis on LEDs and Solid State Lighting, 27-29 May 2009, Budapest, Hungary
CIE 185:2009 Reappraisal of colour matching and Grassmann's laws
CIE 121-SP1:2009 The photometry and goniophotometry of luminares - Supplement 1: Luminaires for emergency lighting
CIE 158:2009 (including Erratum 1) Ocular Lighting Effects on Human Physiology and Behaviour
CIE 184:2009 Indoor daylight illuminants
CIE S 014-5:2009 Colorimetry - Part 5: CIE 1976 L*u*v* Colour Space and u', v', Uniform Chromaticity Scale Diagram
CIE 183:2008 Definition of the cut-off of vehicle headlights
CIE x033:2008 Proceedings of the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on "Advances in Photometry abd Colorimetry", 7-8 July 2008, Turin, Italy
CIE 182:2007 Calibration methods and photoluminescent standards for total radiance factor measurements
CIE 181:2007 Hand protection by disposable gloves against occupational UV exposure
CIE 180:2007 Road transport lighting for developing countries
CIE 179:2007 Methods for characterising tristimulus colorimeters for measuring the colour of light
CIE 127:2007 Measurement of LEDs
CIE 177:2007 Colour rendering of white LED light sources
CIE x032:2007 Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium on Visual Appearance, 19-20 October 2006, Paris, France
CIE 178:2007 Proceedings of the 26th Session of the CIE, 4-11 July 2007, Beijing, China
CIE S 014-4:2007 Colorimetry - Part 4: CIE 1976 L*a*b* Colour space
ISO 11664-2:2007(E)/CIE S 014-2/E:2006 Colorimetry — Part 2: CIE Standard Illuminants for Colorimetry
ISO 30061:2007(E)/CIE S 020/E:2007 Emergency Lighting
CIE 176:2006 Geometric tolerances for colour measurements
CIE 175:2006 A framework for the measurement of visual appearance
CIE x031:2006 Proceedings of the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on Lighting and Health, 7-8 September 2006, Ottawa, Canada
CIE 174:2006 Action spectrum for the production of previtamin D3 in human skin
CIE x030:2006 Proceedings of the ISCC/CIE Expert Symposium 2006 "75 Years of the CIE Standard Colorimetric Observer", 16-17 May 2006, Ottawa, Canada
CIE 172:2006 UV protection and clothing
CIE 171:2006 Test cases to assess the accuracy of lighting computer programs
CIE 170-1:2006 Fundamental chromaticity diagram with physiological axes - Part 1
CIE 173:2006 Tubular Daylight Guidance Systems
CIE S 014-1:2006 Colorimetry - Part 1: CIE Standard Colorimetric Observers
CIE S 014-2:2006 Colorimetry - Part 2: CIE Standard Illuminants for Colorimetry
CIE S 014-3:2006 Colorimetry - Part 3: CIE Tristimulus Values
CIE S 019:2006 Photocarcinogenesis Action Spectrum (Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers)
CIE x029:2006 Proceedings of the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on Uncertainty, 12-13 June 2006, Braunschweig, Germany
IEC 62471:2006/CIE S 009:2002 Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems / Sécurité photobiologique des lampes et des appareils utilisant des lampes (bilingual edition)
CIE 169:2005 Practical design guidelines for the lighting of sport events for colour
CIE 97:2005 Guide on the maintenance of indoor electric lighting systems, 2nd ed.
CIE 168:2005 Criteria for the evaluation of extended-gamut colour encodings
CIE 167:2005 Recommended practice for tabulating spectral data for use in colour computations
CIE x028:2005 Proceedings of the CIE Symposium 2005 "Vision and Lighting in Mesopic Conditions", 21 May 2005, Leon, Spain
CIE 166:2005 Cognitive colour
CIE 165:2005 CIE 10 degree photopic photometric observer
CIE 164:2005 Hollow light guide technology and applications
CIE S 012:2005 Standard Method of Assessing the Quality of Daylight Simulators for Visual Appraisal and Measurement of Colour
CIE S 015/E:2005 Lighting of outdoor work places
CIE x026:2005 CIE Symposium 2004 "LEDs Light Sources: Physical Measurement and Visual and Photobiological Assessment", 7-8 June 2004, Tokyo, Japan
ISO 23539:2005(E)/CIE S 010/E:2004 Photometry - The CIE system of physical photometry
ISO 23603:2005(E)/CIE S 012/E:2004 Standard method of assessing the spectral quality of daylight simulators for visual appraisal and measurement of colour
CIE 163:2004 The effects of fluorescence in the characterization of imaging media
CIE 161:2004 Lighting design method for obstructed interiors
CIE 160:2004 A review of chromatic adaptation transforms
CIE 088:2004 Guide for the lighting of road tunnels and underpasses, 2nd ed.
CIE 159:2004 A colour appearance model for colour management systems: CIECAM02
CIE 157:2004 Control of damage to museum objects by optical radiation
CIE 156:2004 Guidelines for the evaluation of gamut mapping algorithms
CIE 015:2004 Colorimetry, 3rd edition
CIE 158:2004 Ocular Lighting Effects on Human Physiology and Behaviour
CIE S010:2004 Photometry - The CIE System of Physical Photometry
CIE x027:2004 CIE Symposium 2004 "Light and Health: non-visual effects", 30 September - 2 October 2004, Vienna, Austria
D002 CIE Disk D002, Rel 1.3
ISO 15469:2004(E)/CIE S 011/E:2003 Spatial distribution of daylight - CIE Standard General Sky
CIE 155:2003 Ultraviolet Air Disinfection
CIE 155:2003 (RU) Дезинфекция воздуха ультрафиолетовым излучением
CIE 154:2003 The maintenance of outdoor lighting systems
CIE 153:2003 Report on intercomparison of measurement of the luminous flux of highg-pressure sodium lamps
CIE 151:2003 Spectral weighting of solar ultraviolet radiation
CIE x025:2003 Proceedings of the CIE Symposium 2002 on "Temporal & Spatial Aspects of Light and Colour Perception and Measurement", 22-23 August 2002, Veszprém, Hungary
CIE 152:2003 Proceedings of the 25th Session of the CIE in San Diego, 2003 + CD-ROM
CIE S 013/E:2003 International Standard Global Solar UV Index
CIE 149:2002 The use of tungsten filament lamps as secondary standard sources
CIE 148:2002 Action spectroscopy of skin with tunable lasers
CIE 146/147:2002 CIE Collection on Glare 2002
CIE x024:2002 Proceedings of the ARUP/CIE Symposium on Visual Environment, April 24-25, 2002, London, United Kingdom
CIE 145:2002 The correlation of models for vision and visual performance
CIE S 009/D:2002 Photobiologische Sicherheit von Lampen und Lampensystemen
CIE S 009:2002 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems
CIE x023:2002 Proceedings of two CIE Workshops on Photometric Measurements Systems for Road Lighting Installations, Liège, Belgium, 1994; Poitiers, France, 1996
ISO 8995-1:2002(E)/CIE S 008/E:2001 Lighting of Work Places - Part 1: Indoor
CIE x022:2001 Proceedings of the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on LED Measurement "Standard methods for specifying and measuring LED and LED cluster characteristics"
CIE x021:2001 Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium 2000 on "Extended Range Colour Spaces", 11 November 2000, Scottsdale, USA
CIE 144:2001 Road surface and road marking reflection characteristics
CIE 054.2:2001 Retroreflection: Definition & Measurement
CIE 143:2001 International recommendations for colour vision requirements for transport
CIE 142:2001 Improvement to industrial colour-difference evaluation
CIE 141:2001 Testing of supplementary systems of photometry
CIE 139:2001 The Influence of Daylight and artificial light variations in humans. A bibliography
CIE x020:2001 Proceedings of the CIE Symposium "Uncertainty evaluation - Methods for analysis of uncertainties in optical radiation measurement", 23-24 January 2001, Vienna, Austria
CIE S 004/D:2001 Farben von Signallichtern
CIE S 004/E:2001 Colours of light signals
CIE S 004/F:2001 Couleurs des signaux lumineux
CIE x019-2001 Proceedings of three CIE Workshop on Criteria for Road Lighting, Durban, South Africa, 1997; Bath, United Kingdom, 1998; Warsaw, Poland 1999
CIE 138-2000 CIE Collection in photobiology and photochemistry 2000
CIE 136-2000 Guide to the lighting of urban areas
CIE 137-2000 The Conspicuity of Traffic Signs in Complex Backgrounds
CIE x017-2000 Special Volume 24th Session of the CIE - Warsaw, June 24-30, 1999 - Late Papers
CIE 051.2-1999 A method for assessing the quality of daylight simulators for colorimetry
CIE 135-1999 CIE Collection 1999 / Vision and Colour / Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation
CIE 134-1999 CIE Collection in Photobiology & Photochemistry 1999
CIE 132-1999 Design methods for lighting of roads + Disk
CIE x018-1999 Proceedings of the CIE Symposium '99 "75 years of CIE photometry", 30 September - 2 October 1999, Budapest, Hungary
CIE 133-1999 Proceedings of the 24th Session of the CIE, 24-30 June 1999, Warsaw, Poland
ISO 16508:1999(E)/CIE S 006.1/E-1998 Road traffic lights - Photometric properties of 200 mm roundel signals
ISO 16508:1999(F)/CIE S 006/F-1998 Feux de circulation - Caractéristiques photométriques des feux de signalisation avec un diamètre de 200 mm
ISO 17166:1999(F)/CIE S 007/F-1998 Spectre d'action érythémale de référence et dose érythémale normalisée
CIE 130-1998 Practical Methods for the Measurement of Reflectance and Transmittance
CIE x016-1998 Measurements of Optical Radiation Hazards, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
CIE x015-1998 Proceedings of the First CIE Symposium on Lighting Quality, 9-10 May 1998, Ottawa, Canada
CIE 129-1998 Guide for lighting exterior work areas
CIE 128-1998 Guide to the lighting for open-cast mines
CIE 131-1998 The CIE 1997 Interim Colour Appearance Model (simple version) CIECAM97s
CIE S 006-1998 Road traffic light - 200 mm roundel signals photometric properties
CIE S 007/D-1998 Erythemale Referenzwirkungsfunktion und standardisierte Erythemdosis
CIE x014-1998 Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium '97 on Colour Standards for Imaging Technology, 21-22 November 1997, Scottsdale, USA
CIE 126-1997 Guidelines for minimizing sky glow
CIE x013-1997 Proceedings of the CIE LED Symposium '97 on Standard Methods for Specifying and Measuring LED Characteristics, 24-25 October 1997, Vienna, Austria
CIE 125-1997 Standard Erythema Dose, a Review
CIE 124-1997 CIE Collection in Colour and Vision 1997
CIE 123-1997 Low Vision - Lighting needs for the partially sighted
CIE x012-1997 Proceedings of the NPL - CIE UK Conference on "Visual Scales: Photometric and Colorimetric Aspects", 24-26 March 1997, Teddington, United Kingdom
CIE 122-1996 The Relationship between digital and colorimetric data for computer-controlled CRT displays
CIE 121-1996 The Photometry & Goniophotometry of Luminaires
CIE x011-1996 Special Volume 23rd Session of the CIE, New Delhi, November 1-8, 1995, Late Papers
CIE S 003-1996 CIE Standard Overcast Sky and Clear Sky
CIE x010-1996 Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium '96 "Colour Standards for Image Technology", 25-27 March 1996, Vienna, Austria
CIE 013.3-1995 Method of measuring and specifying colour rendering properties of light sources
CIE x009-1995 Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium '95 on "Advances in Photometry", 1-3 December 1994, Vienna, Austria
CIE 118-1995 CIE Collection in Colour and Vision
CIE 113-1995 Maintained Night-Time Visibility of Retroreflective Road Signs
CIE 115-1995 Recommendations for the Lighting of Roads for Motor and Pedestrian Traffic
CIE 116-1995 Industrial colour-difference evaluation
CIE 117-1995 Discomfort glare in interior lighting
CIE 119-1995 CIE Proceedings, 23rd Session, New Delhi 1995, Vol. 1
D008 Computer program to calculate CRIs ( to Publ. 13.3) (1995)
CIE 114-1994 CIE Collection in photometry and radiometry
CIE 112-1994 Glare evaluation system for use within outdoor sport and area lighting
CIE 110-1994 Spatial distribution of daylight - Luminance distributions of various reference skies
CIE 109-1994 A method of predicting corresponding colours under different chromatic and illuminance adaptations
CIE 107-1994 Review of the Official Recommendations of the CIE for the Colours of Signal Lights
CIE 108-1994 Guide to recommended practice of daylight measurement + Disk D006
CIE 111-1994 Variable Message Signs
CIE x008-1994 Proceedings of a Symposium of CIE TC 4-21 "Urban sky glow, a worry for astronomy", 3 April 1993, Edinburgh, Scotland
D007 A method of predicting corresponding colours under different chromatic and illuminance adaptations (Computer program to Publ. CIE 109)
CIE 106-1993 CIE Collection in photobiology and photochemistry
CIE 105-1993 Spectroradiometry of pulsed optical radiation sources
CIE 103-1993 Technical Collection 1993
CIE 101-1993 Parametric effects in colour-difference evaluation
CIE 094-1993 Guide for floodlighting
CIE 102-1993 Recommended File Format for Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Photometric Data
CIE 104-1993 Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
CIE x007-1993 Proceedings of the CIE Symposium on "Advanced Colorimetry", 8-10 June 1993, Vienna, Austria
CIE 099-1992 Lighting education (1983-1989)
CIE 098-1992 Personal dosimetry of UV radiation
CIE 096-1992 Electric light sources state of the art - 1991
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D002 CIE colorimetry and colour rendering tables
CIE 087-1990 Colorimetry of self-luminous displays - A bibliography
CIE 086-1990 CIE 1988 2° spectral luminous efficiency function for photopic vision
CIE 085-1989 Solar spectral irradiance
CIE 084-1989 Measurement of luminous flux
CIE 082-1990 CIE History 1913 - 1988
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D001 Disc version of CIE photometric and colorimetric data (Publ. 18.2, 86, S001 and S002 tables)
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CIE 057-1983 Lighting for football
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CIE 043-1979 Photometry of floodlights
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CIE 027-1973 Photometry of Luminaires for Street Lighting
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CIE 092-1972 Guide to the Lighting of Urban Areas
CIE 016-1970 Daylight
CIE 009-1963 History of the CIE
CIE 008-1960 Street Lighting and Accidents