Colour Appearance in Peripheral Vision

CIE 211:2014
Division 1

This report describes colour zone maps, which are the contour maps showing unique hue components for the red, dark yellow, yellow, green and blue stimuli, over the entire visual expanse based on experimental results using hue and saturation judgements. Characteristics of colour-appearance change in the entire visual expanse show basically the same tendency as those in previous studies using a similar method. Estimation of a unique hue component in a peripheral position utilizing the colour zone map is described with an example.
The publication is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 22 pages with 7 figures and 1 table and is readily available at the National Committees of the CIE or via the CIE Webshop.

The following members of TC 1-42 "Colour Appearance in Peripheral Vision” took part in the preparation of this Technical Report. The committee comes under Division 1 "Vision and Colour”.


  • Ayama, M. Japan  (Chair)
  • Derefeldt, G. Sweden
  • McFadden, S. Canada
  • Okajima, K. Japan
  • Otake, S. Japan
  • Pointer, M. United Kingdom
  • Takase, M. Japan  (former Chair)
  • Viénot, F. France


  • Da Pos, O. Italy