Divisions and Technical Work

The success of an organization such as the CIE depends upon the effectiveness of its Divisions and Technical Comittees. Indeed, the objectives of the CIE could not be attained without a suitable and active committee structure which draws upon the expertise of people from all the member countries. Currently the CIE has six Divisions to which each National Committee is entitled to have one voting member in each Division. The Board of Administration appoints the Director based on recommendations from the Division.

It is through the Division members that National Committees will be kept informed of the activities being carried on by the Technical Committees.

Technical Committees consisting of small groups of experts are established in each Division to work on single subjects. Technical Committee members are experts of the member countries and need not to be Division member. Each Committee is chaired by a TC Chairperson. The intent is that such committees are to concentrate on one specific topic and render a report to the Division for further discussion and approval within a reasonable period of time after which the committee will be discontinued.