Division 3 Liaisons and Correspondents

Organization/Subject Liaison Officer
L 3-2
ISO/TC 159/SC 4
Ergonomics of Human-System Interactions
Bruce Nordman
L 3-3
ISO/TC159/SC 5
Ergonomics of the Physical Environment
L 3-4
ISO/TC 163/SC 2
Thermal Performance and Energy Use in the Built Environment / Calculation Methods (Daylight)
Soheil Moghtader
L 3-5
ISO/TC 205/WG 7 Indoor Visual Environment
Michail Papanikolaou
L 3-7
Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
Yoshiki Nakamura
L 3-8
International Dark-Sky Association
Terry K McGowan
L 3-9
CEN/TC169/WG2 Lighting of Work Places
Tapio Kallasjoki
L 3-10
CEN/TC169/WG11 Daylight
Jan Wienold
L 3-11
CEN/TC169/WG3 Emergency Lighting in Buildings
Peter Thorns
L 3-12
CEN/TC169/WG9 Energy Performance of Buildings
Peter Thorns