CIE liaisons and correspondents exist to ensure the CIE is engaged with external organizations.

Liaison Representatives work with organizations that the CIE has formal agreement with, whereas Divsion Correspondents are less fomal and exist to ensure connectivity to organizations with no formal agreement with the CIE.

Division 3 Liaisons and Correspondences

L 3-2
ISO/TC 159/SC 4
Ergonomics of Human-System Interactions
Bruce Nordman
L 3-3
ISO/TC159/SC 5
Ergonomics of the Physical Environment
L 3-4
ISO/TC 163/SC 2
Thermal Performance and Energy Use in the Built Environment / Calculation Methods (Daylight)
L 3-5
ISO/TC 205/WG 7 Indoor Visual Environment
Michail Papanikolaou
L 3-9
CEN/TC169/WG2 Lighting of Work Places
Tapio Kallasjoki
L 3-10
CEN/TC169/WG11 Daylight
Jan Wienold
L 3-11
CEN/TC169/WG3 Emergency Lighting in Buildings
Peter Thorns
L 3-12
CEN/TC169/WG9 Energy Performance of Buildings
Peter Thorns
DC 3-01
Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
Yoshiki Nakamura
DC 3-02
International Dark-Sky Association
Terry K McGowan