CIE 10 degree photopic photometric observer

CIE 165:2005
Division 1
978 3 901906 39 8

The V(λ) function accepted in 1924 is valid for photopic vision. It was long recognized that for para-foveal vision this function does not describe luminance perception correctly. In 1964 the CIE accepted a large field colorimetric observer, but this system had no photometric counterpart. Subsequent research has shown that y10(λ) function can be used as the spectral luminous efficiency function of a 10° photometric observer. The present report provides guidance when and how this large field photometric observer could be used, especially if luminance has to be determined para-foveally.

Based on the detailed evaluation of the available literature data TC 1-59 came to the conclusion that the adoption of a 10° photopic photometric observer [V10(λ)] can be recommended to the CIE and that this system should be based - according to the original recommendations of the CIE Colorimetric Committee - on the y10(λ) function of the CIE 1964 standard colorimetric observer.

The report is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 23 pages with 3 tables.

The following members of CIE TC 1-59 "Standard Photometric 10° Observer" took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • C. Andersen, USA
  • G. Derelfedt, Sweden
  • C.S. McCamy, US
  • J.R. Moore, Great Britain
  • L. Morren, Belgium
  • Y. Nakano, Japan
  • C. Oleari, Italy
  • M.R. Pointer, Great Britain
  • M. Rea, USA
  • A.R. Robertson, Canada
  • L. Ronchi, Italy
  • J. Schanda, Hungary (Chair)
  • M. Sivak, USA
  • P.W. Trezona, Great Britain
  • A. Valberg, Norway
  • P.L. Walraven, The Netherlands
  • K. Wenzel, Hungary