Light and Lighting — Maintenance Factor Determination — Way of Working

ISO/CIE TS 22012:2019(E)
Division 3
Division 4

This document is a Technical Specification outlining a way of working to determine the maintenance factor for both outdoor and indoor lighting installations using the methodology as described in CIE 154:2003 and CIE 097:2005.

The document combines insights from IEC standards with regard to product performance of luminaires and light sources currently in the market with the existing determination methodology from CIE Technical Reports.

Furthermore, it references the data in the CIE Technical Reports with regard to the impact of the environment on luminaires (accumulation of dirt on surfaces and luminaires).

The document provides background information with respect to the principles of the maintenance factor and the relevant parameters for indoor and outdoor applications, a detailed way of working on how to apply the maintenance factor determination method (as described in CIE 154:2003 and CIE 097:2005) for outdoor and indoor lighting designs using the technologies available in the market, and an explanation and examples on how to apply the maintenance factor and how to ensure proper operation over time corresponding to the determined values.

This joint ISO/CIE Technical Specification has been approved by the CIE National Committees and by ISO. It is readily available from the CIE Webshop or from the National Committees of the CIE.