Vehicle Headlighting Systems Photometric Performance - Method of Assessment

CIE S 021/E:2011
Division 4

This Standard specifies a method to consistently assess the photometric performance of vehicle headlighting systems to enable the performance of different systems to be compared. The requirements are given in relation to road scene illumination and the limitation of glare, and the performance is assessed using parameters relevant to lane guidance and the detection of pedestrians and objects.
The Standard includes a measurement and calculation procedure. It does not specify the format of an assessment report.
The Standard has been approved by CIE National Committees.

The publication is written in English. It is readily available at the National Committees of the CIE or at the CIE Webshop

The following members of TC 4-45 “Performance Assessment Method for Vehicle Headlamps” took part in the preparation of this Standard:

  • G. Draper (GB) (chair until 2009)
  • K. Koeth (DE) (chair until 2010)
  • G. Langhammer (DE) (chair from 2011)
  • T. Adachi (JP)
  • T. Bauckhage (DE)
  • A. Bissieres (FR)
  • T. Carter (GB)
  • M. Cejnek (CZ)
  • B. Delaunay (BE)
  • L. Dellby (SE)
  • G. Dorleans (FR)
  • K. Fadel (FR)
  • J. Hasegawa (JP)
  • T. Izawa (BE)
  • M. Kleinkes (DE)
  • M. Kocian (CZ)
  • K. Manz (DE)
  • F. Müller (DE)
  • R. Neumann (DE)
  • H. Scheidegger (FR)
  • O. Schmidt (DE)
  • I. Schneider (DE)
  • T. Spingler (DE)
  • T. Targosinski (PL)
  • S. Troccon (FR)
  • W. van Laarhoven (NL)
  • S. Völker (DE)
  • S. Watson (GB)
  • Y. Yamada (JP)