Lighting education (1983-1989)

CIE 099-1992
978 3 900734 36 7


The CIE has dealt several times with the subject of lighting education. The results of the work between 1983 and 1989 are summarized in this report.

It is based on the information obtained from 18 CIE Member Countries and makes an attempt to picture the situation on lighting education (for 3 countries revised in 1991 and 1992 respectively).

It can be concluded that the present education of architects and electrical engineers provides insufficient knowledge, even for traditional designing requirements (the design according to the various standards by means of calculation) but even less for compliance with the modern requirements of lighting design (the design based on both the traditional requirements and aesthetics together with ergonomics).

For lighting design to take account of these elements, an education of another character must be offered. It may be supposed that improvements in lighting design and the education of lighting designers can be achieved only gradually, but meanwhile it is necessary to improve the level of lighting teaching both for architects and electrical engineers, since, in the majority of countries, most lighting design will still be their responsibility for some considerable time to come.

It would be of great help if lighting teachers were supported by better publications on modern lighting design, containing not only information but illustrations of good lighting design. Therefore the CIE should concentrate on lighting information work in addition to the most important question which is lighting design.

Four proposals are made to improve the situation:

  1. The awareness of the importance of good lighting must be increased;
  2. It is recommended to the National Committees to contact national Energy and Environmental boards to develop lighting education schemes (eventually sponsored by these boards) controlled and certified by the National Committees. These developments require "train the trainer" sessions;
  3. Where financial regulations make it possible, funds and scholarships for lighting research and education should be established and encouraged;
  4. National Committees should offer their expertise for postgraduate education.

The publication contains 26 pages.

The following members of TC 7-05 took part in the preparation of this technical report:

  • I. Arnaud, France
  • S. H. A. Begeman, The Netherlands
  • G. Debreczeni, Hungary (Chair)
  • L. Di Fraia, Italy
  • M. Frantzell, Sweden
  • J. Grzonkowski, Poland
  • W. Julian, Australia
  • J. Juntunnen, Finland
  • L. Monzer, Czechoslovakia
  • R. Noguchi, Japan
  • J. Poliak, Switzerland
  • J. Pollich, Hungary
  • M. Rieman, Germany (DDR)
  • G. Schach, Austria
  • V. Schultz, Germany (BDR)
  • L. Tasse, Belgium
  • J. Vermeulen, The Netherlands
  • R. White, Canada