Calculations for interior lighting: Basic method

CIE 040-1978
Division 3
978 3 900734 66 4

This report presents a method which can serve as a basis for interior lighting design calculations. The method does not rely on standard light distributions for luminaires, is not restricted to regular arrangements of luminaires, and can be used in situations where the interior is a rectangular parallelepiped, the task plane can be regarded as one of the room surfaces, the room surfaces, reflect uniformly and according to Lambert's law, the direct flux on the task plane does not vary significantly when the luminaires are rotated about their vertical axis.

See also CIE 52-1982 Calculations for Interior Lighting: Applied Method.

The publication contains 60 pages, 2 figures and 54 tables.

The following members of TC 1.5 took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • V. Ahponen, Finland
  • L.M. Anacleto, Portugal
  • J. Bak, Poland
  • M.G. Basset, Canada
  • H.E. Bellchambers, Great Britain
  • K. Bogatev, Bulgaria
  • P. Chauvel, France (Secretary)
  • C. Codegone, Italy
  • J. Dourgnon, France (Chair)
  • A. Farner, Switzerland
  • A.B. de Graaff, The Netherlands
  • S. Harper, South Africa
  • H.J. Jacobsen, Denmark
  • R. Krossawa, Japan
  • R. Lantos, Hungary
  • P. Massart, Belgium
  • P. Militaru, Romania
  • P.F. O'Brian, USA
  • S. Ondrasccka, Czechoslovakia
  • A. Ottoson, Sweden
  • S. Perez-Cutilaz, Spain
  • R.O. Phillips, Australia
  • V. Planinsek, Yugoslavia
  • K. Stolzenberg, Germany
  • J. Stroumsa, Israel
  • N. Utne, Norway
  • E. Wiesner, Austria