Electric light sources: State of the art - 1987

CIE 077-1988
978 3 900734 13 8


This technical report reviews the progress in light and radiation source development for the period 1982 to 1986.

In the field of incandescent light sources both general service and tungsten halogen incandescent lamps are covered.

Main subjects in fluorescent lamp section are new developments in lamp phosphors, new lamp design, experiments with compact fluorescent lamps and behavior of fluorescent lamps on specific electronic circuits.

Further sections deal with the trends in the development of low and high pressure sodium lamps, mercury and metal halide discharge lamps.

The question of electronic circuits to ignite and operate different types of discharge lamps is dealt in detail together with problems of dimming devices and control systems.

A list of IEC-Standards for lamps, ballasts and related components as well as an annotated bibliography of standards under preparation presents an excellent overview of the activity in this field. This report shows that light source development continues to be a strong commitment in the lighting industry. A significant resurgence in the fluorescent industry has resulted in the development of a new family of lamps - compact fluorescent lamps. The metal halide lamp is continuing to experience development particularly to lower wattage. High pressure sodium appears to be growing toward maturity. High pressure mercury has been some mature source. Finally, the incandescent source continues to show vitality experiencing new developments in the area of tungsten halogen.

A special feature of the report are the tables summarizing the present photometric data and application information for the sources covered by the report.

For an update, see CIE 096-1992 Electric Light sources: State of the Art 1991.

The publication contains 132 pages, 34 figures and 6 tables.

The following members of TC 7-02 took part in the preparation of this technical report:

  • U. Amlong, Germany (DDR)
  • P. Baxter, Australia
  • D. Blanc, France
  • A. Bouwknegt, The Netherlands (Radiation Sources)
  • H. Csapody, Hungary
  • L. Di Fraia, Italy
  • D. Dimitrov, Bulgaria
  • M. Gandolfo, Spain
  • W. Gungle, USA (Light Sources)
  • J. Hormio, Finland
  • A. Jack, The Netherlands (Secretary)
  • J. Juntunen, Finland
  • T. Kanoh, Japan
  • K. Karlsson, Finland
  • W. Mathis, Switzerland
  • Y. Matsushima, Japan
  • A. Mendel, Canada
  • M. Neumannnova, Czechoslovakia
  • D. Nikolov, Bulgaria
  • D. Platt, Great Britain
  • M. Plaza, Spain
  • H. Prochazka, Austria
  • M. San Martin, Spain
  • B. Schalin, Finland (Electronic Devices)
  • D. Seeger, Germany (BRD) (Standardisation)
  • J. Sullivan, USA
  • M. Urculo, Spain
  • M. van de Weijer, The Netherlands
  • F. Whittaker, Great Britain