CIE Collection in Colour and Vision 1997

CIE 124-1997
Division 1
978 3 900734 79 4

This volume contains short Technical Reports, Research Notes and Meeting Reports prepared by various Technical Committees and Reporters within CIE Division 1.

124/1 TC 1-31 Report: Colour notations and colour order systems ISO/TC 187 requested the CIE to address some issues related to the question of international standardisation of a colour-order system and to report its conclusions.
In response to that request, CIE TC1-31 Colour Notations and Colour-Order Systems was formed by Division 1 of the CIE. Main conclusions reached in the Technical Committee are: a) CIE started work on the definition of new terms pertaining to visual perception. b) There is no known way to establish congruence between colour-order systems based on different underlying principles. The essential differences among systems would be clarified by the adoption of appropriate terminology. c) The committee finds no theoretical or other basis for regarding one system as better than all others. The systems satisfy different artistic, intellectual, scientific, or practical needs. d) All of the major colour-order systems have been found useful, helpful, and broadly applicable in art and industry. e) The CIE does not at the present time support the international standardisation of a colour-order system.

The following members of TC 1-31 took part in the preparation of this report:

  • F.W. Billmeyer, USA (Secretary)
  • J. Bristow, Sweden
  • A. Chalmers, South Africa
  • O. Da Pos, Italy
  • G. Derefeldt, Sweden
  • G. Kawakami, Japan
  • J-P. Longavesne, France
  • M.R. Luo, Great Britain
  • C. McCamy, USA (Chairman)
  • A. Robertson, Canada
  • T. Seim, Norway
  • L. Sivik, Sweden
  • T. Whitfield, Great Britain
  • K. Witt, Germany

124/2 TC 1-18 Chairman's Report
On the course of the disability glare function and its attribution to components of ocular scatter Recent investigations have strengthened doubts on the validity of the StilesHolladay glare formula for large glare angles. Calculations partly based on an earlier theoretical analysis turned out to be helpful to understand the deviations from StilesHolladay and to extrapolate the glare function, in its dependence on age and pigmentation, into the large angle domain. A trend towards a 1/Theta rather than a 1/Theta**2 fall off predominates. This document is intended as a background study for a planned definition of a CIE standard glare observer.

This report was prepared by J.J. Vos, The Netherlands (TC 1-18 Chairman) and T.J.T.P van den Berg

124/3 Next step in industrial colour difference evaluation
Report on a colour difference research meeting This report summarises results of a meeting held on May 15, 1996 at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Munsell Colour Science Lab (MCSL). The meeting dealt with colour difference research oriented towards industrial applications. Since the number of research groups is so small (worldwide five laboratories deal with the subject), it was hoped that the work could move along at a faster pace than what has been accomplished in the past. Task of the meeting was to clarify the next step forward beyond the CIE TC 1-29 recommendation to provide the pathway for continuing to improve colour difference evaluation for industry.

The following experts took part in the preparation of this report:

  • D. Alman, USA
  • R. Berns, USA
  • M. Melgosa, Spain
  • E. Montag, USA
  • F. Munger, Canada
  • L. Reniff, USA
  • Yue Qiao, USA
  • A. Robertson, Canada
  • K. Witt, Germany

The publication consists of 45 pages and contains a list of CIE Publications prepared within Division 1, as well as a list of CIE Division 1 publications coming out soon. The Technical Collection is written in English, with short summaries in French and German.