Decision Scheme for Lighting Controls in Non-Residential Buildings

CIE 222:2017
Division 3

This report offers guidelines in order to balance lighting quality, user comfort and energy efficiency in lighting controls solutions for lighting in non-residential buildings (i.e. for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings). It provides a decision scheme with a focus on the user requirements (visual comfort, performance, personal control) to determine the most applicable control solution, including the consequences for possible savings. In this, it assumes that there are no technological or financial hurdles. The decision scheme identifies 16 possible control strategies, for both daylight and electric lighting, and provides guidance for which strategy would be most effective in each of the 12 cases defined by space usage and occupancy.
The publication is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 44 pages with one figure and 18 tables and is readily available from the CIE Webshop or from the National Committees of the CIE.

The following members of TC 3-49 “Decision Scheme for Lighting Controls for Tertiary Non-Residential Lighting in Buildings“ took part in the preparation of this Technical Report. The committee comes under Division 3 “Interior Environment and Lighting Design”.


  • Dehoff, P.  (Chair)    Austria    
  • Bedocs, L.    United Kingdom
  • Bizjak, G.    Slovenia
  • Darula, S.    Slovakia
  • Dokuzer Öztürk, L.    Turkey
  • Erdem Atılgan, L.    Turkey
  • Hardardottir, P.    Iceland
  • Jouaneh, M.    USA
  • Knoop, M.    Germany
  • Govén, T.    Schweden
  • Littlefair, P.    United Kingdom
  • Pellegrino, A.    Italy
  • Thorns, P.    United Kingdom
  • Suvagau, C.    Canada


  • Berg, M.O.    Norway
  • Bisegna, F.    Italy
  • Deneyer, A.    Belgium
  • Koga, Y.    Japan
  • Langdown, S.    United Kingdom
  • Lillelien, E.    Norway
  • Henderson, R.    South Africa
  • Nordman, B.    USA
  • Pracki, P.    Poland
  • Selander, J. (†)    USA
  • Vissenberg, G.    Netherlands
  • Wambsganss, M.    Germany