An analytic model for describing the influence of lighting parameters upon visual performance, 2nd ed., Vol.1.: Technical foundations

CIE 019.21-1981
Division 3
978 92 9034 019 5

CIE 019.21-1981 Technical Foundations

CIE 019.22-1981 Summary and Application Guidelines

CIE 019.21-1981 describes a comprehensive analytic model of the influence of lighting parameters upon the visual performance potential of observers engaged in tasks with significant visual components, and describes the evidence used to develop each phase of the model.

CIE 019.22-1981 summarizes the model and makes recommendations for its application in lighting practice.

The model has been derived from study and analysis of the extensive published literature that relates visual performance potential to lighting parameters, and includes two technical approaches which may be described as the empirical and analytical methods for studying visual performance. Empirical methods involve measurements of the speed and accuracy of task performance under real or simulated conditions of visual work. Analytical methods involve measurements of the operational characteristics of processes which are believed to be operative in visual work, either taken singly or in simple combinations, with subsequent synthesizing of the operational characteristics of the individual processes into a quantitative model which describes visual performance potential for given visual conditions. The analytic model described was derived from experimental data that the pertinent CIE committee was aware of. These data were obtained during a 50-year period form the two types of measurements mentioned. More than 2.200 persons residing in CIE member countries took part in these studies, either as observers or as unknowing subjects of field observations.

CIE 19.21-1981 contains 140 pages, 55 figures and 4 tables.

CIE 19.22-1981 contains 89 pages, 10 figures and 8 tables.

The following members of TC 3.1 took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:


  • M. Aguilar, Spain
  • V. Ahponen, Finland
  • A. Arnulf, France
  • S.S. Bergström, Sweden
  • H.H. Bjørset, Norway
  • H.R. Blackwell, USA (Chair)
  • O.M. Blackwell, USA (Secretary)
  • H.W. Bodmann, Germany (BRD)
  • P.R. Boyce, Great Britain
  • J.F.M. Bryant, Australia
  • J.M. Chorlton, Canada
  • F. Fankhauser, Switzerland
  • E. Frederiksen, Denmark
  • D. Gligo, Yugoslavia
  • A.C. Goncalves da Cunha, Portugal
  • J.T. Grundy, South Africa
  • B. Inditsky, Israel
  • T. Indow, Japan
  • A. Ionescu, Romania
  • J. Khek, Czechoslovakia
  • A. Medgyaszay, Hungary
  • L.R. Ronchi, Italy
  • I.A. Shevelev, USSR
  • W. Stanioch, Poland
  • N. Vassilev, Bulgaria
  • G. Verriest, Belgium
  • J.J. Vos, The Netherlands


  • W. Adrian, Canada
  • E. Barthès, France
  • J.B. de Boer, The Netherlands
  • A.J. Fisher, Australia
  • D. Fischer, The Netherlands
  • A.B. de Graaff, The Netherlands
  • H.J. Hentschel, Germany (BRD)
  • R.G. Hopkinson, Great Britain
  • A. Levy, Canada
  • D.A. Schreuder, The Netherlands
  • S.W. Smith, USA