Calculation and Measurement of Luminance and Illuminance in Road Lighting

CIE 030.2-1982
978 3 901906 54 1

Superseded by Road Lighting Calculations

CIE 140-2000

The purpose of this report is to update and to replace CIE 30.2-1982 Calculation and measurement of illuminance and luminance in road lighting. It gives the methods which CIE 115-1995 and CIE 136-2000 require for their recommendations.

It includes the calculation of luminance, illuminance, and their associated measures of uniformity, as well as disability glare. The conventions adopted for luminance and illuminance grids are also included.

The complete Technical Report consists of 33 pages with 17 figures and 6 tables.

The following members of TC 4-15 "Road Lighting Calculations" took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • W. Adrian, Canada
  • S. Almási, Hungary
  • J. B. Arens, USA
  • A. Augdal, Norway
  • G. Birnbaum, Israel
  • J-M. Dijon, Belgium
  • P.V. Hautala, Finland
  • J. Koster, The Netherlands
  • J. Lecocq, France
  • K. Narisada, Japan
  • S. Onaygil, Turkey
  • W. Riemenschneider, Switzerland
  • G. Rossi, Italy
  • A.J.V. Seros, Spain
  • R.H. Simons, Great Britain (Chairman)
  • E. Sirola, Croatia
  • K. Sörensen, Denmark
  • R.E. Stark, USA
  • A. Stockmar, Germany
  • R. Yates, South Africa
  • A. de Visser, Netherlands


  • P. Blaser, Switzerland
  • P. Gandon-Léger, France
  • N. Pollard, Great Britain