Guide to the lighting for open-cast mines

CIE 128-1998
Division 4
978 3 900734 86 2

Open-cast mines cover a large area and continually change their shape as mining proceeds. Effective illumination is required to achieve production and safe operation of various machinery at different work areas.

Mobile mining machinery is equipped with luminaires powered by on board generators. Movable lighting towers are used in the mine faces for general lighting. Deep, compact pits and permanent facilities such as stockpiles, conveyors and processing plant, can be lit from fixed lighting arrangements.

Illuminance levels are provided for each work area to meet the visibility requirements of equipment operators and other workers.

Luminaires must have a high degree of protection against ingress of dust and moisture due to the atmosphere prevalent in open-cast mines. Luminaire design and installation must facilitate ease of maintenance. Strict adherence to agreed-upon maintenance schedules is important for prevention of undue loss of light with time and to avoid capital investment in higher initial lighting levels thus saving energy.

Lighting quality parameters like average illuminance, uniformity and glare limitation have been described. Further guidance can be obtained from existing CIE publications. Requirements for areas typical of open-cast mines have been given.

The report is written in English with a short summary in French and German. It contains 30 pages.

The following members of TC 5-03 took part in the preparation of this technical report:

  • P.K. Bandyopadhyay, India (Chairman)
  • P. Baxter, Australia
  • P. Davies, South Africa
  • Z. Hai-Cong, China
  • R. Hemp, South Africa
  • P.S. van Oosten, Australia
  • J.M. Peay, USA
  • T. Shotbolt, Australia