Measurement of LEDs

CIE 127:2007
Division 2
978 3 901906 58 9

This report is an update of the previously published CIE Technical Report CIE 127-1997.

There are significant differences between LEDs and other light sources which made it necessary for the CIE to introduce new quantities for their characterization with precisely defined measurement conditions. New quantities introduced here are "Averaged LED Intensity" and "Partial LED Flux".

The report describes in detail the measurement conditions for ALI (Averaged LED Intensity), Total and Partial LED Flux and Spectral Power Distribution. It is shown that measurements by substitution method using LED standards can be simpler; however it is important to compare similar coloured LEDs or use colour correction on the measurement results. The standard LEDs need to be calibrated by National Metrology Laboratories or a laboratory traceable to National Metrology Laboratories.

The report is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 38 pages with 15 figures.

The following members of TC 2-45 "Measurement of LEDs" took part in the preparation of the report:

  • T. Goodman, Great Britain
  • G. Heidel, Germany
  • K. Muray, USA (Chair)
  • Y. Ohno, USA
  • G. Sauter, Germany
  • J. Schanda, Hungary
  • W. Steudtner, Germany
  • R. Young, USA


  • I. Ashdown, Canada
  • K. Bando, Japan
  • R. Distl, Germany
  • T. Gugg-Helminger, Germany
  • G. McKee, USA
  • V. Sapritsky, Russia
  • J. Schutte, Germany
  • D. Sliney, USA
  • A. Sperling, Germany
  • R. Stolyarevskaya, Russia
  • T. Valenti, USA