Performance assessment method for vehicle headlighting systems

CIE 188:2010
Division 4
978 3 901906 84 8

This report has been produced to meet the need for a standardised, accurate and reliable method of assessing the photometric performance of vehicle headlights. It considers the requirements of headlight performance in terms of road scene illumination and limitation of glare, and the assessment of performance in terms of lane guidance and the detection of pedestrians and objects. The work undertaken to define the assessment method is summarised along with the results of the validation testing. A standardised photometric assessment method and calculation procedure for use by manufacturers and assessment organisations is provided.

The publication is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 86 pages with 85 figures and 8 tables, and is readily available at the National Committees of the CIE or via the CIE Webshop.

The following members and advisors of TC 4-45, “Performance Assessment Method for Vehicle Headlighting Systems“, took part in the preparation of this Technical Report: 


  • T. Adachi, Japan
  • T. Bauckhage, Germany
  • A. Bissieres, France
  • T. Carter, United Kingdom
  • M. Cejnek, Czech Republic
  • B. Delaunay, Belgium
  • L. Dellby, Sweden
  • G. Dorleans France
  • G. Draper, United Kingdom (Chair)
  • K. Fadel, France
  • J. Hasegawa, Japan
  • T. Izawa, Belgium
  • M. Kleinkes, Germany
  • K. Koeth, Germany
  • M. Kocian, Czech Republic
  • K. Manz, Germany
  • F. Müller, Germany
  • R. Neumann, Germany
  • H. Scheidegger, France
  • O. Schmidt, Germany
  • I. Schneider, Germany
  • T. Spingler, Germany
  • T. Targosinski, Poland
  • S. Troccon, France
  • W. van Laarhoven, The Netherlands
  • S. Völker, Germany
  • S. Watson, United Kingdom
  • Y. Yamada, Japan


  • M. Aichinger Austria
  • T. Amma, Japan
  • J. Aulbach, Germany
  • O. Bartels, Germany
  • D. Boebel, Germany
  • G. Bonneau-Poirier, France
  • D. Brinkmann, Germany
  • C. Brion, France
  • V. Eusebiu, Germany
  • J. Fonts, Spain
  • V. Genone, Italy
  • H. Gerhards, Germany
  • X. Hamel, France
  • S. Herold, Germany
  • G. Hoerle, Italy
  • B. Hummel, Germany
  • F.J. Kalze, Germany
  • C. Kettwich, Germany
  • H. Kiel, Germany
  • G. King, USA
  • S. Kojima, Japan
  • D. Koos, Germany
  • A. Kraus, Germany
  • R. Krautscheid, Germany
  • T. Kreuzinger, Belgium
  • E. Krochmann, Germany
  • H. Kunieda, Japan
  • D. Matthes, Germany
  • A. Moniot, France
  • M. Okawa, Japan
  • E. Pauty, France
  • W. Peitz, Germany
  • M. Pernkopf, Austria
  • M. Recasens Bages, Spain
  • S. Schellinger Germany
  • T. Suzuki, Japan
  • F. Takata, Japan
  • B. Terburg, USA
  • H. Tiesler-Wittig, Germany
  • M. van Eynde, Belgium
  • J. van Honh, Belgium
  • J. Veasey, United Kingdom
  • S. Zattoni, Italy