Proceedings of three CIE Workshop on Criteria for Road Lighting, Durban, South Africa, 1997; Bath, United Kingdom, 1998; Warsaw, Poland 1999

CIE x019-2001
Division 4
978 3 901906 07 7

CIE Division 4 "Lighting and Signalling for Transport" organised in the last years three workshops in conjunction with different conferences. The first was the Symposium on "Road Lighting for Developing Countries" held on 3rd September 1997 in Durban, South Africa. The next was the Workshop on "Warrants for Road Lighting" on 24th October 1998 in Bath, Great Britain, and the last one was the Workshop on "Criteria for Road Lighting" organised on 24th June 1999 in Warsaw, Poland. These proceedings contain a selection, aiming only to avoid duplication, of the papers read at the workshops.

There is a certain relation among the three workshops; even a clear progression can be seen in the topics that were discussed. The topics developed from the general discussion of "Road Lighting for Developing Countries"; they became more specific on "Warrants for Road Lighting" and ended in the area of practical application as "Criteria for Road Lighting". The progression is from general to specific and from abstract to concrete. The developing countries were in all cases a major focal point.

Another aspect of progression is that in the past the question whether a road section needed road lighting, was considered as a matter for politicians to decide and CIE showed its involvement in road lighting only after such decisions were made. Even now it is still recognized that the decision "to light or not to light" is indeed a decision of policy makers but the lighting profession could give valuable contributions to the decision making process. This contribution might help to come to a better result where technical, humanitarian, ecological and economic factors all have their place.

The Proceedings contain the text of 17 papers read as well as a report on the discussions and general conclusions. The publication consists of 114 pages.