History of the CIE

CIE 009-1963
978 3 900734 19 0


In 1963, the history of the first 50 years of the CIE together with the 13 years of its predecessor, the CIP, appeared as Publication CIE 009-1977. This is now out of print. In the issue of the CIE Journal celebrating the 75th birthday of the CIE (vol. 7/2, 1988) there appeared an article covering the history of the CIE from 1959 to 1988.

This document, designated CIE 082-1990, is essentially a merger of the original CIE 009-1977 with the 1988 Journal article, to provide a complete history of the first 75 years of the CIE. The editing of the two components has been kept to the minimum to preserve as much of the original material as possible while retaining consistency between the text and the new appendices. These appendices seek to give an accurate statistical record of CIE officers, membership, participation, and publication over the whole period - not an easy task when there are gaps in the records of the early years and when there have been changes in national boundaries associated with two world wars. Any errors which come to light in this document should be laid at the door of the new author, Dr. A.M. Marsden, and not at that of the original CIE historian Dr. J.W.T. Walsh. This valuable publication covering all important events of the CIE should certainly reach all those who have an interest in the Commission.

The publication contains 77 pages, with 50 historic photos, 2 figures and 3 tables.