Proceedings of the CIE Expert Symposium '96 "Colour Standards for Image Technology", 25-27 March 1996, Vienna, Austria

CIE x010-1996
Division 8
978 3 900734 75 6

The 1996 CIE Symposium, co-sponsored by ISO, IEC and ITU, was held at the Central Burau of the CIE on 25-27 March 1996. The Proceedings contains the text of the 19 papers read and five Posters presented at the Symposium, as well as reports on four roundtable discussion meetings.

The meeting covered the areas:

  • International Standards Organizations Working on Colour for Imaging Technologies;
  • Colour spaces and Colour Appearance Systems;
  • Calibration, Characterization of Displays, Hard-Copy Devices and Test Targets Used for Calibration;
  • Cross-media Comparison, Viewing Conditions and Gamut Mapping;
  • Colour Profiles, File Compression and Colour Management Systems.

This publication consist of 160 pages.