Calibration methods and photoluminescent standards for total radiance factor measurements

CIE 182:2007
Division 2
978 3 901906 62 6

This Technical Report provides the recommendations of the CIE concerning total radiance factor measurements of photoluminescent samples. The scope is limited here to photoluminescent samples whose fluorescence is excited by ultraviolet or visible radiation only. These recommendations include procedures for both one-monochromator and two-monochromator methods. Detailed information is provided on the influence of various measurement parameters, such as the illuminant, instrument geometry, polarization, reflectance standard and photoluminescent standard. The report includes a survey of currently available photoluminescent material standards and calibration laboratories.

The report is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 54 pages with 9 figures and 5 tables.

The following members and advisors of TC 2-25 "Calibration Methods and Photoluminescent Standards for Total Radiance Factor Measurement" took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:


  • F. Bilmeyer, USA
  • A. Bristow, Sweden
  • P. Clarke, Great Britain
  • W. Erb, Germany
  • R. Griesser, Switzerland
  • J. Leland, USA
  • C. McCamy, USA
  • H. Minato, Japan
  • C. Puebla, Germany
  • M. Rácz, Hungary
  • D. Rich, USA
  • F. Simon, USA
  • J. Verrill, Great Britain
  • K. Witt, Germany
  • J. Zwinkels, Canada (chair)


  • D. Burns, USA
  • E. Carter, USA
  • D. Couzin, USA
  • R. Harold, USA
  • N. Johnson, USA