ILV: International Lighting Vocabulary –Supplement 2: Terms and Definitions for Horticultural Lighting

CIE DIS 017-SP2:2023
Division 2
Division 6


With the rapid development of the application of optical radiation in the field of plant growth in recent years, different types of stakeholders with different backgrounds are coming together; for example, lighting manufactures, agriculture facility companies, researchers with an optical radiation background and/or agriculture background.

This document provides an internationally agreed reference for terms and definitions in the field of horticultural lighting, which covers not only terms relating to optical radiation, but also terms relating to the application of optical radiation in horticulture, optical radiation sources, electric lighting installations, and plant physiology.

This document supports the development and interaction of existing and new technologies in horticultural lighting, which is a rapidly expanding and evolving industry. In doing so, it aims to prevent communication issues related to conflicting and/or competing technologies or requirements in existing regional and national standards.

Adoption of terms and definitions from this document ensures harmonized terminology in the field of horticultural lighting. In addition, the terms and definitions in this document are intended to be used as a reference in new (national and international) standards, technical specifications and legislation in the field. This standard is also intended to help harmonize measurement techniques as well as the interpretation of test results and inspection reports across the globe.

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