Photometry of road illumination devices, light signalling devices and retroreflective devices for road vehicles.

CIE DIS 027:2021
Division 2

This Draft International Standard provides requirements to perform reproducible photometric and colorimetric measurements of devices used in road vehicles for road illumination, light-signalling and retroreflection. It also provides advice for reporting the data and lists major equipment, instrumentation and procedures to record properties of approved lighting devices according to re­quirements specified in corresponding UN regulations.

The availability of reliable and accurate photometric data for type approval of devices for road illumination, light-signalling and retroreflection is a basic requirement for the comparability between industry and test facilities as well as between technical services and approval authorities. By obtaining these data through measurements in specific standardized measurement conditions, the consistency of the data should be ensured between different laboratories within the limits of the declared measurement uncertainty.

The document aims in particular to cover measurement methods for testing the compliance of approved devices for road illumination, light-signalling and retroreflection with the photometric and colorimetric requirements as stated within different UN regulations for a variety of lighting applications in road vehicles. For each photometric and colorimetric property, the possible data acquisition process(es) with their uncertainties are considered individually.

This Draft International Standard has been sent to the CIE National Committees, CIE Divisions and the Board of Administration (BA) for ballot. It is still subject to changes and may not yet be referred to as a CIE International Standard. When approved by the CIE NCs, Divisions and the BA, it will be published as a CIE International Standard.

This Draft International Standard is readily available from the CIE Webshop or from the National Committees of the CIE.