Calculation and Presentation of United Glare Rating Tables for Indoor Lighting Luminaires

CIE 190:2010
Division 3
978 3 901906 87 9

This report has been prepared to assist luminaire suppliers and lighting designers in the production of UGR tables for luminaires in preset arrays at 1:1 spacing to height ratio. This data is needed for the verification of conformity to the limiting UGR by the UGR tabular method specified in clause 6.2 of the Standard ISO 8995-1:2002(E)/
CIE S 008/E:2001 “Lighting of Workplaces – Part 1: Indoor”. The limiting UGR values are recommended in clause 5 of this standard. The report makes use of the basic UGR equation, described in CIE 117-1995, gives tables of preset values for the standard conditions and in step by step describes the calculation process needed to generate the uncorrected UGR table. The process is further demonstrated by a worked example of UGR calculation for a disymmetric distribution luminaire in a room 2H x 4H. The report also gives the uncorrected UGR table for this luminaire which can be used to validate software designed for the production of the UGR table.

The publication is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 29 pages with 4 figures and 8 tables, and is readily available at the National Committees of the CIE or via the CIE Webshop.

The following members of TC 3-43 took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • L. Bedocs, United Kingdom (Chair)
  • P. Dehoff, Austria
  • B. Duval, France
  • T. Govèn, Sweden
  • K. Poulton, Australia
  • P. Raynham, United Kingdom
  • P. Thorns, United Kingdom (Secretary)