Research Strategy

Light and lighting technologies play an essential role in modern daily life, influencing every aspect of our existence. These technologies require well-founded knowledge, both fundamental and applied, to ensure that they can be used with confidence in their safety and quality. CIE publications provide that confidence. They are based on the strongest available scientific evidence and follow a rigorous review and ballot process. It's essential that scientists actively engage in expanding the knowledge base now to develop consensus-based documents that will shape the future.

Research Fora: CIE's Research Fora are established to facilitate ongoing knowledge exchange and research on a scientific topic or research area where there is insufficient completed scientific work to support the work of a CIE Technical Committee.

Research Strategy 2023-2027: CIE's Research Strategy exists to inspire researchers to investigate important topics to shape the next generation of guidance and standards. Light and lighting research will continue to contribute achieving 12 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, addressing crucial global challenges. Explore our recently published Research Strategy for 2023-2027 to learn more.

Letters of support for Research Proposals from the CIE: CIE supports research funding applications that align with its scope and priorities. Letters of support are granted for relevant research endeavors contributing to the ongoing work of CIE. For further details, please refer to this page.