Lighting for tennis

CIE 042-1978
Division 4
978 3 900734 62 6

This report presents a summary of experience in the lighting of tennis courts. Recommendations are made for daylight and artificial light in indoor tennis courts. Guidance is given for the selection of lamps, luminaires and lighting systems. The same subjects are considered for the artificial lighting of outdoor tennis courts.

The publication contains 23 pages and 3 figures.

The following members of TC 4.4 took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • R.C. Aldworth, Great Britain
  • J.J. Balder, The Netherlands
  • G.R. Chahparunians, USSR
  • P. Gergely, Hungary
  • B. Habro, Sweden
  • H. Kessler, Switzerland
  • T. Lemons, USA
  • I. Ovesen, Denmark
  • H. Prochazka, Austria
  • J. Valin, France
  • M. Wierzbowski, Poland