OSA Color Technical Group Webinar - Blue Light Hazard what does it really mean?

December 19, 2019

The Blue Light Hazard - What Does it Really Mean?
- a webinar which was  hosted by the OSA Color Technical Group

Light can have hazardous and dangerous effects on the retina. In April 2019, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) published a Position Statement on Blue Light Hazard (BLH), addressing recent concerns about the possible hazardous effects of light on the retina. In this webinar presented by the OSA Color Technical Group, John O'Hagan will outline what the term means and the specific methods to assess the Blue Light Hazard from various sources of optical radiation, including LEDs. In addition, public health implications of the Blue Light Hazard will also be discussed.

What Information is Presented:
- The meaning of the term “Blue Light Hazard”
- Methods to calculate Blue Light Hazard
- What Blue Light Hazard means and whether the media hype about the Blue Light Hazard from LEDs is justified.

Dr John O'Hagan, CIE Vice President Standards

Who is this of interest to:
- Anyone with an interest in the public health issues from lighting