CIE TC 2-98 - Call to participate

July 18, 2022


This new CIE Division 2 Technical Committee is in the process of activation. 

CIE TC 2-98 will undertake a revision of CIE 130-1998 Practical Methods for the Measurement of Reflectance and Transmittance, the TC is chaired by Dr Catherine Cooksey of NIST (USA).

One key aspect of the revision of CIE 130-1998 will be to cover absolute methods for the measurement of diffuse reflectance, measurements of the gonioradiometric or goniophotometric properties of materials, or measurements on retroreflecting materials, which are not included in the older report.

If you have an interest and expertise in the topic of this TC then you are welcome to apply to participate in the TC by sending your completed membership and copyright forms to CIE Central Bureau,

The application and copyright forms, and other information about participating in CIE technical work can be found here on our website: