CIE Research Strategy Launched

CIE Research Strategy

 August 2016

Light and lighting technologies are essential to modern daily life, touching on its every aspect. These technologies require well-founded knowledge, both fundamental and applied, to ensure that they can be used with confidence in their safety and quality. CIE publications provide that confidence. They are based on the strongest available scientific evidence and follow a rigorous review and ballot process. To develop consensus-based documents fit for the future requires that scientists engage now in building the knowledge base that will support them.

The research topics listed here are those judged by the CIE as needing immediate attention by the research community in support of developments in lighting technology and application. Publications in the peer-reviewed literature on these topics will provide the basis for the next generation of CIE technical reports and standards.

Industry, academia, and research institutes alike can take inspiration from this list of research topics. CIE particularly invites allied fields – medicine, engineering, information technology and others – to join with us in addressing these complex questions. CIE calls on national and international research funders to create opportunities that will enable the research community to provide this necessary support to the CIE. Together, we will thus satisfy the needs of industry, regulators, and the public for knowledge, standards, and guidance so that all can enjoy the best possible light.

Top Priority Topics