2-89: Measurement of Temporal Light Modulation of Light Sources and Lighting Systems

To provide guidance on the measurement of temporal light modulation of light sources and lighting systems. The TC shall first develop a technical note on a measurement protocol that will include recommended measurement conditions and methods to measure waveforms of light (time intervals, duration, bandwidth, photometer requirements, etc.) and frequency-domain power spectra (FFT and other methods) that enabling all researchers to report the results with sufficient information of the light investigated in a consistent way.  In addition a standard test method shall be developed for flicker and stroboscopic effect using any existing or new metrics to be developed (i.e. proposed by TC 1-83). Conventional metrics such as modulation depth can also be determined from the measurement data . The TC should analyse the reproducibility and uncertainties related to all metrics.

Chair: Quian (Cherry) Li (CN)