Winners of the V(λ) Art Contest

June 12, 2024

We are thrilled to reveal the winners of the V(λ) Art Contest "Light up your Inner Muse: Celebrating 100 years of V(λ) with the art of light" in the following three categories:

  • English Poems
  • French Poems
  • Visual Art

This contest celebrated the intersection of art and science, challenging participants to create artistic contributions in the form of poems or visual art inspired by the V(λ) function. The creativity and talent displayed were truly inspiring! 

Overall we received 70 submission from 16 countries!

English Poems

French Poems

  • WINNER: Mario Portillo (ÉTUDIANT, France) - Réverbère
  • Runner up: Eléonore Pic (Essilor, France) - specially mentioned for Trois Chevaliers

Visual Art

  • WINNER: Marilyn Andersen (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland) - CircaDiem V(λ) 100 years
  • 1st Runner up: Shawn Chen (For Sight Group & HITSZ iLLab, China) - Icebound light
  • 2nd Runner up: Megha Sai Arimbra Mohanadasan (University of Sydney, Australia) - V(λ) Visual Art
  • 3rd Runner up: Meijun Wang (University of Sydney, Australia) - Kitty Vision Conundrums
  • 4th Runner up: Yidi He (Tongji University, China) - Bloom

Their artworks beautifully captured the essence of the V(λ) function, showcasing an incredible blend of artistic vision and scientific concept.

Our congratulations to all participants for their remarkable entries and a huge thank you to our panel of judges for their thoughtful evaluations. The passion and dedication of everyone involved made this contest a great success. 

Organizing committee

Jennifer Vetch (CIE President), Christophe Martinsons (CIE NC France President), Peter Blattner (CIE Past President), Tony Bergen (CIE VP Technical), Peter Thorns (CIE VP Standards), Luoxi Hao (CIE VP Education), Gael Obein (CIE NC France) and Sophie Jost (CIE NC France)


English Poem
Panel leader: Tony Bergen
  • Paul Keen - Professor of English, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
  • Peter Thorns - Head of the Strategic Lighting Applications, Thorn Lighting Ltd, Zumtobel Group, Durham, UK, and CIE VP Standards
  • Teresa Goodman - National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK
  • Steve Jenkins - Retired, Melbourne, Australia
French Poem
Panel leader: Christophe Martinsons
  • Hélène Brémond - French teacher, Lycée Janson-de-Sailly, Paris, France
  • Elsa Caron - Head of the Centre de Langue Française, Cergy Paris Université, Teacher of french as a second language, France
  • Pierre Gallant - Senior Standards Engineer at Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa
  • Sophie Jost - NTPE, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, CNRS, LTDS, UMR5513, 69518 Vaulx-en-Velin, France
  • Philomène Martinsons-Lynn - Literature student, Khâgne Moderne, Paris
Visual Art
Panel leader: Luoxi Hao
  • Christine Sciulli - Visual Artist, New York City, USA, 
  • Florence Lam - Arup Fellow, Visiting Professor of Lighting Design and Engineering at University College London, Great Britain
  • Aleksandra Stratimirovic - Artist, Stratimirovic Art Light Design, Sweden
German Poems
Panel leader: Peter Blatter
  • Diana Wernisch - Secretary General, CIE, Austria