Launch of CIE S 026 Toolbox and User Guide

April 2, 2020


A Toolbox to support the use of the international standard CIE S 026:2018 CIE System for Metrology of Optical Radiation for ipRGC-Influenced Responses to Light has been developed. A beta version of the Toolbox was shared last year with attendees at the tutorial held on this new system of metrology.  After further testing the Toolbox is now avaialbe to support the use of the standard.

The S 026 Toolbox and S 026 User Guide are freely available on the CIE Website. A short video has been prepared to give some background information on the Toolbox and some brief instructions on how to use it. 

We hope you find these materials helpful  in your use of CIE S 026:2018. Note that the Toolbox is not intended as a replacement for CIE S 026:2018  but is supposed to be used in conjunction with the standard.

CIE S 026:2018 can be purchased from the CIE Webshop.  Members of National Committees of the CIE have access to a 66,7 % disscount on the advertised price of of the standard. For information about how to access this discount please contact your National Committee or Associate National Committee.