Interview with CIE President Dr. Jennifer Veitch in LED Professional Review

May 27, 2024

We are thrilled to share an enlightening interview with Dr. Jennifer Veitch, President of the CIE, featured in the latest issue of LED Professional Review (LpR).

In this insightful discussion, Dr. Veitch delves into her extensive career in the lighting industry, from her academic pursuits in environmental psychology to her significant contributions at the National Research Council of Canada. She discusses her deep-rooted connection to lighting, fueled by both familial influences and her early professional engagements. 

Dr. Veitch also provides an in-depth look at the CIE's organizational structure and its pivotal role in advancing lighting science and standards. She highlights the strategic objectives outlined in the newly published CIE Research Strategy, which aims to enhance the integration of lighting research with global sustainability goals, emphasizing the vital impact of lighting on human health and environmental well-being.

We invite you to read the full interview and gain valuable insights from Dr. Veitch's expertise: Read the article (pp 20-24)

A special thanks to Mr. Siegfried Luger, founder and owner of Luger Research, for conducting this interview.

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