CIE Volunteer Survey

February 9, 2024


The CIE relies on the dedication of volunteers to advance its work across various aspects of the science of light and lighting, as well as in the development of standards. We highly value the contributions of our volunteers and aim to ensure their experience with us is rewarding. Rather than assuming what motivates individuals to engage with the CIE and what would enhance their involvement, the CIE leadership is actively seeking feedback through a survey. 

This survey aims to understand what attracts volunteers to the CIE, what supports them in their work, and how we can further assist them. We encourage participation from anyone currently involved with the CIE, those who have been involved in the past, or those considering joining our community. In short, we want to hear from anyone in the broad CIE family. Your input is invaluable to us!

The survey is anonymous and short. Please access it through the provided link here.

For any inquiries regarding the survey, please reach out to the CIE President, Jennifer Veitch, at