CIE Tutorial on Urban Lighting Masterplanning

May 3, 2023 to May 5, 2023


  Registration deadline  April 29, 2023.

Today, urban lighting is important in terms of urban life, the use of the city by citizens and tourists, urban identity and to make cities visually attractive in night-time conditions. It is necessary to manage urban lighting, which covers two main groups "Utility Lighting” and “Architectural Lighting”, with a holistic approach and to bring the urban lighting into line with “Lighting Masterplans”.

In 2019, CIE published CIE 234:2019 "A Guide to Urban Lighting Masterplanning"; this document was prepared to support this holistic approach and it is an important source of basic information and application examples.

In addition, issues such as energy efficiency, preservation of the environment in the context of sustainability in urban lighting applications also need consideration. In the era of digitalization that we are in, adaptive lighting constitutes an important application area within the concept of "Smart City".

Tutorial Overview

This CIE tutorial aims to provide information on and explanation of CIE 234:2019, including:

  • General aspects and considerations
  • Fundamentals
  • Lighting masterplanning
  • Analytic process
  • Design process
  • Architectural lighting
  • Utility lighting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental aspects 
  • Financial and operational considerations
  • Summary and outcomes

Who should attend: The tutorial is beneficial and interesting to broad range of subjects involved in public lighting of cities such as municipalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, lighting architects, lighting designers, manufacturers and vendors of lighting products, operators and maintainers of lighting systems, professional institutes and societies, lighting educators, environmental organizations, utility services, building owners etc.

What you will learn: Fundamental concepts and methodology of lighting masterplanning. Who should initiate and prepare a lighting masterplan. How to build-up a masterplanning team and what consultation groups should be involved. Relationship between urban planning, transportation and lighting. What is important to analyse and consider in details. How to create the luminous concept and to draft lighting solutions. Why to take into account environmental impacts of lighting and what measures can reduce unnecessary light spills. Financial and operational considerations in planning for lighting implementation.

How to attend: The tutorial is to be held as in-person event. Registration isopen until April 29.

The tutorial is accompanied by optional social and technical activites:

  • Bosphorus boat cruise with dinner where participants can see the illuminated banks from a different perspective
  • Lighting lab tour at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU)
  • Technical tours: Istanbul by Night, May 4 and Istanbul by Day, May 5
  • Regular meetings of CIE Technical Committees relevant to the subject of the tutorial, accessible for the participants as observers

Event Location

The tutorial will be hosted by the Aydınlatma Türk Milli Komitesi (ATMK, Turkish National Committee on Illumination) ) at the Istanbul Technical University, Suleyman Demirel Culture Center, Istanbul

Istanbul is a city with great historical and cultural importance, and CIE 234:2019 includes application examples from Istanbul. As this CIE tutorial will be held in Istanbul, participants will have direct access to the experts who prepared the CIE 234:2019, along with access to some application examples contained in the CIE document.

Tutorial Sponsor

Event Information

Specific details will be added to the items below when they are available.

 Registration deadline April 29, 2023.

  • Detailed Programme
    May 3, 2023, 09:00-16:30: Division 4 and Technical Committee Meetings
    May 4, 2023, 08:00-17:00: Tutorial
    May 5, 2023, 08:00-15:00: Tutorial
  • Tutorial outline
  • Useful information
    (Arrival, event venua, accommodation, transportation, etc.)
  • Social and Technical events
  • Tutorial Team:
    • Mujgan Serefhanoglu-Sozen, TR
    • Tuba Baskan, TR
    • Dionyz Gasparovsky, SK
    • Diana Del-Negro, PT
    • Steve Lau, CN
  • International Scientific Programme Committee:
    • Dionyz Gasparovsky, SK
    • Steve Fotios, University of Sheffield, GB
    • Nigel Parry, Orange-Tek, GB
    • Sermin Onaygil, TR
    • Peter Thorns, GB