CIE Expert Tutorial and Symposium on the Measurement of Temporal Light Modulation

October 10, 2022 to October 11, 2022
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Temporal light modulation (TLM) causes visual perception effects such as flicker, phantom array and stroboscopic effects. All of these issues can have adverse effects on users of lighting products (such as performance and health), thus the accurate assessment of TLM is fundamental to proper assessment of its effects on users. 

To support the current understanding and to explore current research on this topic the CIE is holding an event that includes a one-day expert tutorial and a one-day symposium. This is hosted by The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and will be held at The Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens.

The first day of this event will be a CIE Expert Tutorial on the Measurement of Temporal Light Modulation. Topics covered in the tutorial will include: what is TLM, how TLM affects us, how to measure TLM accurately, tips on calculation of predictors of temporal light artifacts (TLA) and guidance on measurement uncertainty evaluation.
The tutorial team has experts from around the world including: Jennfer Veitch (CA), Peter Blattner (CH), Menno Schakel (DE), Paul Dekker (NL), Costis Bouroussis (GR), Małgorzata (Gosia) Perz (NL), Anders Thorseth (DK) and Tony Bergen (AU).

The second day of the event will be a CIE Symposium on Advances in Measurement of Temporal Light Modulation. This one-day scientific symposium will feature contributed papers following submission and review of abstracts. 

In addition to this event the Division 2 Annual Meeting and Technical Committees Meetings will take place at NTUA from October 12-14, 2022.

Who should attend: The tutorial and symposium will be of benefit to testing laboratories, lighting companies, equipment manufacturers, researchers, market surveillance and product testing authorities, students and anyone else who is interested in all aspects of TLM, as well as researchers undertaking fundamental psychophysical research on TLAs. 

As a special offer for this event, attendees registered for both the tutorial and symposium will receive a complimentary copy of the new CIE Technical Report CIE 249:2022 “Visual aspects of time modulated lighting systems”. Those registered for either the tutorial or the symposium will have the opportunity to purchase CIE 249:2022 with a discount of 70 % of the Webshop price.

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