Test Method for OLED Luminaires and OLED Light Sources

CIE S 025-SP1/E:2019
Division 2

This supplement to CIE S 025:2015 Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules specifies the requirements for measurement of electrical, photometric, and colorimetric quantities of OLED luminaires and OLED light sources. These sources were not covered by CIE S 025:2015 even though they are very similar in regard to the measurement techniques.

Recent improvements in the technology and availability of OLED-based lighting products raised the necessity to extend CIE S 025:2015 to OLED products. OLED luminaires and OLED light sources offer a large variety of configurations with respect to geometry and/or colour. The electrical, photometric and colorimetric performance of these devices need to be determined for each configuration unless it can be shown that a given configuration has equivalent performance to another.

The relevant clauses of CIE S 025:2015 are considered in terms of their applicability to measurement of OLED luminaires and OLED light sources and, where required, specific requirements are given. For measurements of LED lamps, LED luminaires and LED modules, the requirements of CIE S 025:2015 remain unchanged. The document aims in particular to cover measurement methods for testing the compliance of OLED light sources and OLED luminaires with the photometric and colorimetric requirements of OLED performance standards issued by IEC/TC 34 “Lamps and related equipment”, in particular IEC 62922.

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