LED Professional Review Articles

Since 2017 the CIE has been producing a series of articles that have appeared in LED Professional Review. The initial purpose of the articles was to highlight the CIE Research Strategy top ten topics but has since extended to other articles that the CIE would like to highlight and that demonstate the breadth of activities that the CIE scope covers.

LpR 59 January/February 2017
CIE Looking Forward - Top Research Strategy topics

LpR 60 March/April 2017
Application  of CIE 2015 - Cone-Fundamental-Based CIE Colorimetry

LpR 61 May/June 2017
CIE Fosters Co-ordination of Global Research and Standardization on Temporal Light Modulation

LpR 62 July/August 2017
Defining new Calibration Sources and Illuminants

LpR 63 September/October 2017
CIE Calls for Focused Research to Support Healthful Lighting Recommendations