Division 2 Reporterships

Title Reporter
DR 2-64
Review of Draft TC 2-28 in preparation of archiving it as a D2 internal report
Edwin Mofokeng
DR 2-69
TN on the validation of a near-field goniophotometer in support of CIE S 025
Johannes Ledig
DR 2-80
Metrology of laser-based lighting
Anders Thorseth
DR 2-81
Flash effective intensity calculation
Dennis Couzin
DR 2-82
TN on clarification of the difference between adjustment, calibration and verification
Thiago Menegotto
DR 2-87
Terminology in single/few photon metrology
Dong-Hoon Lee
DR 2-91
Appropriate calibration and use of UV radiometers
Tony Bergen
DR 2-92
Recommendation for standardization of the maximum luminous efficacy for a given photometric condition
Tobias Schneider
DR 2-93
Implementing CIE198-SP2 using Monte Carlo Simulations 
Udo Krüger