relative spectral fluorescence distribution

relative fluorescence spectrum


quotient of the spectral distribution of radiance due to fluorescence at wavelength λ and the sum of the tabulated values of this distribution across the fluorescence band

Note 1 to entry:
Fluorescence is understood to include both fluorescent and phosphorescent phenomena with time constants short enough to be ignored for the application.

Note 2 to entry: The relative spectral fluorescence distribution, F(λ), when multiplied by the spectral external radiant efficiency of the fluorescent specimen, Q, for excitation at wavelength, μ, gives the bispectral luminescent radiance factor, βL,λ(μ), of a photoluminescent material according to:
βL,λ(μ) = F(λ)⋅Q(μ)

Note 3 to entry: The relative spectral fluorescence distribution has unit one.

Publication date: 2020-12
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