Matters related to Colour Rendition

RF Number RF-03

This research forum (RF) is related to CIE strategy top priority topic #2: “Colour Quality of Light Sources Related to Perception and Preference”. The RF will provide a discussion and information- and data-sharing platform to support the development of a comprehensive method that characterizes all colour rendition aspects of white-light sources and lighting systems for general lighting purposes. Topics to be addressed/discussed can include a literature review of existing methods to characterize the colour rendition properties of white-light sources with their advantages and limitations (TC 1-91); a review of CIE activities and publications: e.g. the use of 10-deg CMF instead of 2-deg CMF, CIE 2006 Colorimetry (TC 1-97), CIECAM16 (JTC 10), a new CCT definition (DR 1-67) and/or a new chromatic adaptation transform (JTC 16) and their impact on colorimetry and on the lighting community; and creating an overview of the desired colour rendition-related specification items (from a manufacturer, designer, specifier, and consumer’s point of view) for describing colour “quality” for a selected set of application areas and target groups.

This RF is open to all individuals with interest and expertise in this topic.

To apply to participate in this RF please complete the CIE Technical Committee and Research Forum Membership Application Form, sending it to the CIECB for follow-up with the RF Convener.

Convener Name: Jiaye Li