The basis of physical photometry, 2nd edition

CIE 018.2-1983
Division 2
978 92 9034 018 8

Superseded by CIE 018:2019 The Basis of Physical Photometry, 3rd Edition

This publication describes the basic conventions and principles of modern physical photometry and explains how physical photometry relates to radiometry on the one hand, and to vision on the other. It outlines the fundamentals of the broad-band spectroradiometric and the visual methods of photometry. The principal physical standards for measuring photometric quantities are described, relevant radiometric quantities are defined, and the results of major international intercomparisons of photometric measurements are summarized.

The document is in English, with a summary in English, French and German. It consists of 42 pages, 2 figures and 6 tables. (see also: CIE Disk D001)

The following members of TC 1.2 took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • W.R. Blevin, Australia
  • J. Bastie, France
  • P. Blaser, Switzerland
  • A. Corrons, Spain
  • G. Deitch, Israel
  • M. Dodova, Bulgaria
  • C. Gentile, Italy
  • D. Hahn, Germany (BRD)
  • F. Hengstberger, South Africa
  • B. Hisdal, Norway
  • G. Ispasoiu, Romania
  • M. Koedam, The Netherlands
  • V. Kop, Denmark
  • J. Krtil, Czechoslovakia
  • M. Nishi, Japan
  • R.D. Lozano, Argentina
  • L. Lindqvist, Sweden
  • M.S. Matveev, USSR
  • J. Moore, Great Britain
  • S. Nondel, Germany (DDR)
  • N. Petrovic, Yugoslavia
  • M. Poppe, Hungary
  • J.J. Rennilson, USA
  • F. Rotter, Austria (Chair)
  • W. Stanioch, Poland
  • T. Timonen, Finland
  • M.G. Vandermeersch, Belgium