CIE TC 4-50 collection call for “r-tables” data

July 6, 2023 to September 30, 2023

The CIE typical r-tables available in every lighting design software date from the 1970s. The CIE r-tables are often adopted as a de facto standard but this solution is not adequate for vision performance, optimization and energy consumption of modern lighting installations.

The properties of current pavements and road surfaces have progressively changed and several studies have shown that using the current CIE 144:2001,”Road surface and road marking reflection characteristics”, technical report, can lead to significant errors on average luminance (sometimes over 50 %) and very bad uniformities.

CIE TC 4-50 “Road Surface characterization for lighting application”, is currently working on an update of CIE 144:2001. The TC aims to propose new reference r-tables, which are more representative of modern pavements and road surfaces.

Up to now, only data from the central Europe are available.  The TC is now collecting r-tables of pavement surfaces measured in laboratories from all over the world.

This data collection is a major input for the CIE 144 revision. If you have data that you can share then you can provide by:

this Google form:;

  • complete this spreadsheet (for downlaod) and send  by email  to the TC Chair vie CIE Central BUreau ( Note the spreadsheet inputs include has:
    • on the first page general information concerning the method of measurement, description of the pavement (if available & not confidential), a picture if possible and characterization of the pavement (Q0, S1);
    • the corresponding r-tables in the next pages (or a file with the data).

This collection of data will be used as anonymous input and will remain confidential.

Data will be used considering only the Country in order to define new reference r-tables representative of the heterogeneity of current pavements, no information on the provider will be shared.

This call will be open until September 30, 2023 and your support of this project is much appreciated.