CIE TC 3-62 Call to Participate

December 19, 2022


CIE TC 3-62 will undertake to make a review of regional daylight reqiurement to assess the feasibiltiy global harminization. The TC is chaired by Prof. Yuki Akizuki, Japan.

The scope for the TC is: Natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, concentrated heavy rain, and heavy snow hit every year in the world. Environmental changes caused by climate change have increased the frequency of natural disasters Emergency lighting in buildings for power failure or evacuation in fire is regulated by each country’s building code and standardized by ISO/CIE. On the other hand, outdoor disaster lighting for large-scale disaster is not standardized. Disasters are different in terms of their causes and scales. The required disaster response differs depending on the scale of damage, i.e. local or wide-area disaster.

If you have an interest and expertise in the topic of this TC then you are welcome to apply to participate in the TC by sending your completed membership and copyright forms to CIE Central Bureau,

The application and copyright forms, and other information about participating in CIE technical work can be found here on our website: