The technical activities of CIE are carried out under the responsibility of six Divisions each covering one sector of light and lighting. Each Division establishes Technical Committees (TCs) to carry out the technical programme of the Division. The Divisions are:

Division 1: Vision and Colour 
Terms of Reference: 
To study visual responses to light and to establish standards of response functions, models and procedures of specification relevant to photometry, colorimetry, colour rendering, visual performance and visual assessment of light and lighting. 

Division 2: Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation 
Terms of Reference: 
To study standard procedures for the evaluation of ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation, global radiation, and optical properties of materials and luminaires, as well as the optical properties and performance of physical detectors and other devices required for their evaluation. 

Division 3: Interior Environment and Lighting Design 
Terms of Reference: 
To study and evaluate visual factors which influence the satisfaction of the occupants of a building with their environment, and their interaction with thermal and acoustical aspects, and to provide guidance on relevant design criteria for both natural and man-made lighting; as well as to study design techniques, including relevant calculations, for the interior lighting of buildings; incorporating these findings and those of other CIE Divisions into lighting guides for interiors in general, for particular types of interiors and for specific problems in interior lighting practice. 

Division 4: Transportation and Exterior Applications
Terms of Reference: 
To study and prepare guides for the design of exterior lighting and light signalling.

Division 6: Photobiology and Photochemistry 
Terms of Reference: 
To study and evaluate the effects of optical radiation on biological and photochemical systems (exclusive of vision). 

Division 8: Image Technology 
Terms of Reference: 
To study procedures and prepare guides and standards for the optical, visual and metrological aspects of the communication, processing and reproduction of images, using all types of analogue and digital imaging devices, storage media and imaging media.