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One key activity of the CIE is the publication of technical and scientific work in the form of Technical Reports (TRs), International Standards (ISs) or Technical Notes (TNs). CIE TRs and ISs are the result of the work of CIE Technical Committees (TCs), in the case of ISs these are often further developed as dual logo standards with the ISO or IEC. CIE TRs and ISs are available for purchase via the CIE Webshop.

CIE Technical Notes are also developed by CIE TCs but can also be the result of the work of a CIE Reportership. These TNs are concise technical papers summarizing information of fundamental importance to CIE members and stakeholders. The CIE TNs are open source and are made freely available for download from the CIE website.

In addition to the publication of work from CIE TCs and Reporterships the CIE Board of Administration (BA) will from time to time issue CIE Position Statements (PSs) in response to significant questions or comments from external parties on matters of strong interest to the CIE. PSs, like TNs, are also freely available from the CIE website.

CIE also publishes proceedings from its conferences and symposia, the abstract booklets associated with these proceedings are downloadable for free from the CIE website. The proceedings themeselves are available for purchase from the CIE Webshop both as complete proceedings and in some cases individual papers are availalbe.

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CIE 247:2021 Guide for the Gonioradiometric Measurement of Upper Air Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Luminaires
Position Statement on the Use of Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation to Manage the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission
CIE 220:2016 Characterization and Calibration Methods of UV Radiometers
CIE 219:2016 Maintaining Summer Levels of 25(OH)D during Winter by Minimal Exposure to Sunbeds: Requirements and Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages
ISO/CIE 28077:2016(E) Photocarcinogenesis action spectrum (non-melanoma skin cancers)
CIE 209:2014 Rationalizing Nomenclature for UV Doses and Effects on Humans
CIE 207:2014 Sensitivity of Human Skin to Ultraviolet Radiation, Expressed as Minimal Erythema Dose (MED)
CIE 201:2011 Recommendations on Minimum Levels of Solar UV Exposure
CIE 187:2010 UV-C photocarcinogenesis risks from germicidal lamps
CIE 187:2010 (RU) Опасность фотоканцерогенеза при воздействии УФ-С излучения бактерицидных ламп
CIE 186:2010 UV-A protection and sunscreens
CIE 181:2007 Hand protection by disposable gloves against occupational UV exposure
CIE 174:2006 Action spectrum for the production of previtamin D3 in human skin
CIE 172:2006 UV protection and clothing
CIE 157:2004 Control of damage to museum objects by optical radiation
CIE x027:2004 CIE Symposium 2004 "Light and Health: non-visual effects", 30 September - 2 October 2004, Vienna, Austria
CIE 155:2003 Ultraviolet Air Disinfection
CIE 155:2003 (RU) Дезинфекция воздуха ультрафиолетовым излучением
CIE 151:2003 Spectral weighting of solar ultraviolet radiation
CIE S 013/E:2003 International Standard Global Solar UV Index
CIE 138-2000 CIE Collection in photobiology and photochemistry 2000
CIE 134-1999 CIE Collection in Photobiology & Photochemistry 1999
CIE 098-1992 Personal dosimetry of UV radiation
CIE 090-1991 Sunscreen testing (UV.B)