Low Vision - Lighting needs for the partially sighted

CIE 123-1997
Division 1
978 3 900734 78 7

The report brings together a wide range of material from various specialists to produce, for the first time, a comprehensive annotated review of the subject. It also draws conclusions from the various studies and it is hoped that it will provide the basis for further research. It is intended for all those that have dealings with the visually handicapped and the provision of lighting regardless of their professional discipline.

It summarises the features of the major diseases causing partial sight. It also reviews some studies that have been undertaken into the effects of light on refraction, accommodation and ocular movement, and of its effects on visual functions such as visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, visual field and colour vision.

A section is devoted to the lighting aspects of visual aids, such as neutral and selective absorbing glasses, light amplification systems, high power additions, magnifiers, telescopes, closed circuit television systems, etc. Finally, detailed recommendations are made for the adaptation of a range of lighting environments to the needs of the partially sighted.

The publication contains 157 pages, and is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. This report is also available as a CD-ROM.

The following members of TC 1-16 took part in the preparation of this technical report:

  • C. Amengual, Argentina
  • L. Bailey, USA
  • J.P. Boissin, France
  • J.P. Bonnac France
  • P.R. Boyce, USA
  • G. Brunnstrom, Sweden
  • F. Busser, Switzerland
  • C. Eriksson, Sweden
  • E.E. Faye, USA
  • G.E. Fonda, USA
  • L di Fraia, Italy
  • R. Greenhalgh, Great Britain
  • L. Hyvarinen, Finland
  • A. Ichikawa, Japan
  • A.W. Johnston, Australia
  • W. Julian, Australia (Secretary and editor)
  • H. Krueger, Switzerland
  • H. Lindner, Germany
  • J.E. Lovie-Kitchen, Australia
  • H. Meire, Belgium
  • H.E.M Melotte, The Netherlands
  • S.C. Miller, USA
  • D. van Norren, The Netherlands
  • L.R. Ronchi, Italy
  • A. Serra, Italy
  • J. Silver, Great Britain
  • P.T. Stone, Great Britain
  • G. Verriest, Belgium (Chairman)