Colour rendering of white LED light sources

CIE 177:2007
Division 1
978 3 901906 57 2

The Committee recommends the development of a new colour rendering index (or a set of new colour rendering indices) by a Division 1 Technical Committee. This index (or these indices) shall not replace the current CIE colour rendering index immediately. The usage of the new index or indices should provide information supplementary to the current CIE CRI, and replacement of CRI will be considered after successful integration of the new index. The new supplementary colour rendering index (or set of supplementary colour rendering indices) should be applicable to all types of light sources and not only to white LED light sources. Possibilities for an improved description of colour rendering are summarized in the Appendix of this Technical Report.

The report is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 14 pages with 1 figure.

The following members of TC 1-62 "Colour rendering of White LED Light Sources" took part in the preparation of this Technical Report:

  • P.J. Alessi, USA
  • I. Ashdown, Canada
  • P. Bodrogi, Hungary (Chair)
  • P. Csuti, Hungary
  • W. Davis, USA
  • L. Halonen, Finland
  • G. Heidel, Germany
  • R. Hirschler, Hungary
  • F.Ch. Hwang, Taiwan
  • A.D. Jackson, USA
  • Ch.S. Kim, Korea
  • K. Kohmoto, Japan
  • B. Kranicz, Hungary
  • Y. Kwak, Korea
  • Li Cheng, China
  • M.R. Luo, Great Britain
  • K. Muray, USA
  • Y. Nakano, Japan
  • Y. Ohno, USA
  • K. Oshima, Japan
  • M. Pointer, Great Britain
  • E. Radkov, USA
  • D. Rich, USA
  • N. Sandor, Hungary
  • J. Schanda, Hungary
  • R. Stolyarevskaya, Russia
  • F. Szabo, Hungary
  • J. van Kemenade, The Netherlands
  • F. Vienot, France
  • S. Weintraub, USA
  • H. Yaguchi, Japan
  • T. Yano, Japan
  • R. Young, USA


  • O. da Pos, Italy
  • A. de Visser, The Netherlands