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About Wim Passchier

Dr WF Passchier (1944) is special professor of health
risk analysis at Maastricht University (emeritus). From 1985 till December 2005
he was Deputy Executive Director of the Health Council of the Netherlands. The
Health Council is the scientific advisory body of the Netherlands Government on
questions related to health care, public health, food and nutrition,
occupational hygiene and environmental protection. Passchier coordinated
projects of the Council in the domain of ‘environment and health’—dealing with
subjects related to environmental protection, occupational hygiene and food and

Willem Frederik (Wim) Passchier took his PhD in
physical chemistry. Before taking a position at the Health Council secretariat
in 1983 he served as a radiation protection officer at a research reactor
institute (the present Reactor Institute Delft of the Delft University of

Passchier’s special fields of interests are: risk
assessment and risk governance and environmental health sciences. He has also
expertise in health physics and radiation protection (both ionising and

Passchier participated in the Board of Environmental
Studies and Toxicology of the US National Research Council (1998-2002). He was
a member of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society, the Netherlands Society for
Radiological Protection (former Councillor and Editor in Chief), the Society
for Risk Analysis and the Risk Assessment and Policy Association.

Since January 1, 2006 Passchier is member of the
Health Council of the Netherlands, chair of the Committee on Emerging
environmental health risks and member of the Council’s boards on Health and
Environment and Radiation and Health. In 2000-2001 he chaired the Committee on
Depleted Uranium. In March 2008 he was appointed as expert of the Superior
Health Council of Belgium and since January 2009 he is a member of this
Council’s Board.

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